Pick a Date

George W. Bush refuses to set a timetable for the end of the US occupation of Iraq.  So let's do it ourselves.

There's more...

Ohio, here I come

Thanks to the responses here and at Daily Kos, and to numbers posted at the Swing State Project, I've decided to move to Ohio - it looks like the state where I can do the most good.

I welcome any suggestions on where in the state would be best, accommodations, etc.


Where Should I Go?

I asked this first on Daily Kos, and got some nice suggestions, but it occurred to me that MyDD has more of a focus on just this kind of issue.  So:

I'm going to move back to the US in mid-July and want to move where my vote will make the most difference and where I can make the most difference by recruiting other voters.  Beyond "move to a battleground state," what suggestions - either to place or to how best to choose one - do you have?

Thanks in advance.


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