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    This white dude took pains to promote female candidates in November. In my ActBlue page, I took affirmative action to provide rough gender equity.

    Gender Candidate Count Donors Total $ All pages

    I feel pretty good about this. My rationale was twofold: first, to try to correct the obvious imbalance which I suspect means that we're not getting the best representation we could; second, that the various sexual scandals (particularly Hookergate and Foley) would incline the electorate to look more kindly on women, that this would give us an edge.

    The results were that about 40% of the dollars through my page went to women, versus 30% overall from the same set of candidates. I'm glad I did this.
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    Me, too, too - but just starting this year.

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    In the primary, for example, 89% of all voters were Democrats or Republicans.

    This seems like a silly choice of statistics to demonstrate low turnout among nonpartisans.  As I understand it, there's very little (maybe nothing?) for a nonpartisan to vote on in a primary.

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  • I think nothing will disabuse the doubters faster than a sincere call with a real person; becase we are MoveOn and we are MoveOn's face.  Sure, there are those we will never persuade, but we do no harm when we call them.  And those whose only impression of MoveOn comes from Limbaugh - they need some balance.  There's nothing better than direct contact to provide that.

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    is, "I won't serve more than three terms as a Democrat."

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    I have the impression that racism is one of those far-below-the-radar characteristics that tend to mislead polls.  So if there's a strong negative response to Allen's racist remark in the polls, I suspect that it won't be borne out at the ballot box.

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    I'm on board with the perch.  Must be the first time in his administration when I've agreed with - or believed - a word that son of a bitch has said.  Perch.

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    I'm sorry, but I disagree.  My bottom line isn't "doing better than she should," nor is it "doing almost as well as Kerry."  My bottom line is winning.  I thought Busby's best shot at that was in the Special with a divided and disheartened Republican vote and low turnout, and she didn't come close to taking it.  I think her chances in the Runoff, simultaneous with the Primary, are much poorer.  And I don't care how close she comes to winning - I care which side of winning she falls on.

  • Thanks for the clarification.  I don't think it's a valid concern (but what do I know?)  Republicans are able to manufacture outrage out of nothing, so whether we give them plausible fodder or not they will exploit outrage to energize their voters, and I think their base are sufficiently out of touch with reality that whether there is the reality of a legitimate impeachment for that outrage - which I hasten to add is not a reasonable basis for outrage - will make no difference.

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    there is a fear that impeachment would do for us what it did for the Republicans--it would energize their base voters.

    I don't get this - is he saying that when Republicans impeached Clinton, Republican base voters were energized - and "there is a fear" that when we impeach Bush, it will energize Democratic voters?  That's not something I fear.  If he's saying that impeachment either way energizes Republican base voters - why is it heads I win tails you lose?  What's the logic here?

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    Good points, bruh1 and upstateguy - wedge issues and Iran will certainly come into play.  And please, everyone, remember this: they will cheat.  Phone jamming, vote-next-day leafleting, increasingly easier electronic monkeying, and good old-fashioned ballot stuffing, overlooked if not overseen by a crop of Republican Secretaries of State.  

    Don't fool yourselves; This isn't about a fair fight.  The other side knows no rules.

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    here  I linked it kind of late in the first post; re-linking here in case anyone missed it.

  • I'm right next door in Susan Davis' district.  I'm sorry to say I agree with your analysis.  I sent Busby money twice: early in the campaign and then immediately on hearing about the RNC money dump.  And I made a lot of calls for her via MoveOn.  But I think she needs to win it in the primary; her chances go way down in the runoff.  And it doesn't look like she'll take the primary.  Stay tuned...

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    Democrats like Dianne Farrell have already endorsed Joe.  Would they pull the endorsements?

    Of course they would.  They endorsed a nominal Democrat; when he betrays the party, he voids the endorsements.


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