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    Who are these "good faith" Republicans in the U.S. Senate?

  • And it's probably time to appoint a prosecutor to look at crimes during the Bush years.

    Have Rahm talk to Mitch. Have him explain there's one side that's going to fuck and one side that's going to get fucked if he doesn't play ball.

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    What stops Obama from huddling with Reid, Pelosi and other key Democrats and drafting a new bill?

    The Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street assholes can take it or leave it.

    And Jud Gregg? If he gives a whiff of subverting the POTUS, he's fired.

    Time to play hardball, Barack. The Republicans are serious assholes. And what you can't pass not b/c of the filibuster you'll be able to pass in 2011.

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    What's the story with Brad Henry?

    It is fun to think of a cycle where the seats have the following odds of flipping:

    Illinois/Burris (other?)--15-45%
    New York/Gillibrand--5-20%
    unanticipated other--0-20%

    New Hampshire/open--at least 50%
    Missouri/open--at least 50%
    Ohio/open--at least 45%
    North Carolina/Burr--40-60%
    unanticipated first other--30-45%
    unanticipated second other--5-25%

    In a typical cycle the Dems would lose one seat, although holding everything seems distinctly possible.

    But the GOP could lose six to eight seats, maybe more.

    One of the observations I've heard is the U.S. House sucks if you're in the minority because you're just not that relevant.

    Being in the minority in the U.S. Senate is better b/c of the filibuster. But if you're facing being in a minority that's unable to sustain a filibuster, it's got to be tempting to either go make the big bucks or "spend time with family".

  • And I think there was a compromise that for certain purposes (determining aid to states and municipalities) sampling would be used, but for determining representation sampling would not be used.

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    Obama and the Democrats can always respond to GOP demands for more specificity with an offer to hire more Census workers to find the people who are hard to count.

    IIRC this was how Clinton handled the issue.

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    The Obama team had that long questionnaire and then they nominate people with problems that should have popped up on a much shorter questionnaire.

    "Have you testified before a grand jury?"

    "Is there an active grand jury investigation investigating conduct of you or your supporters?"

    "Do you know about any tax obligations you have outstanding?"

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    Other than former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson, the HHS secretaries have not been high profile people.

    Michael Okerlund Leavitt was governor of Utah, which is not exactly a big state.

    Donna Shalala was chancellor of UW Madison.

    Louis Sullivan founded Morehouse School of Medicine.

    I think being a presidential candidate and chair of the Dem Party put Dean's pre-HHS experience ahead of at least three of the last four HHS Secretaries.

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    I like Daschle, although he did get played by Team Bush/GOP on the Iraq War.

    But I could live with Dean being the second choice.

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    What about that op ed resonated with you?

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    How was Israel treating Palestinians before Hamas was elected?

    Zionists blaming Hamas shows how disconnected from reality Zionist propaganda is. Hamas is not the underlying cause of the conflict.

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    It sounds harsh, but have you considered the possibility Zionism is a failure? Or never really could work?

    What's the belief system that underpins Zionism?

    "Gentiles have the ability to commit genocide against Jews because anti-semitism is so pervasive in human culture, therefore Jews need a Jewish state to protect against genocide and human rights abuses."

    Of course, Zionism wouldn't work if the United States wasn't enabling Israel. Israel wouldn't have the money or the political protection, especially at the United Nations.

    So, Zionism is only viable if the United States makes an affirmative effort to prop up Zionism.

    But if the United States is so invested in the welfare of Jews, why does the world need a Zionist state?

    If country X was perpetrating human rights abuses against Jews and the Jews were allowed to leave, wouldn't these Jewish refugees be just as safe in the United States as they would be in Israel?

    How many Jews get killed for being Jewish every year in the United States? Zero, right?

    How many Jews get killed for being Jewish in every year in Israel? More than zero, right?

    So, it seems that Israel is a failure at its raison d'etre. It fails to protect Jews against being fucked with because they are Jewish.

    And then there's the issue of the human rights abuses of Palestinians necessary to implement Zionism. In order for the Israelis to show the Palestinians which side is dominant and which side needs to be the supplicant, Israel continues to heap indignities, human rights violations, threats and actual violence on the Palestinians.

    And with the expansion of settlements since 1993, there is no viable two-state solution that will be acceptable to both sides.

  • I can live with Democratic Senators voting "no" on the Dem Presidents agenda, but it's fucked-up for them to be providing the votes to sustain a GOP filibuster.

    If the filibuster is sustained do these Democrats think the next bill is going to be better?


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