• What percent of American Jews quietly believe that Israel gets the land b/c God promised it?

    In my experience, it's a relatively pervasive belief, if one kept out of the public debate.

  • You are completely fucking Right Wing insane.

    You are stating that Congress appropriating billions per year to Israel as policy is the same as the United States paying UN dues and $10,000 of stuff being allegedly "stolen" by Hamas.

    Compared to you, Congressional Republicans make really good sense when they talk about the stimulus bill.

    If you really do support Palestinians having their own democratic state, then you support Palestinians electing whatever government they want.

    They elected Hamas. If you support Palestinians having human rights, you have to respect their right to elect Hamas.

    But, it's easier for Zionists to mouth platitudes about respecting Palestinians than it is for them to actually respect real Palestinians.

  • Do you believe the land belongs to the Jews because God promised it to the Jews?

  • What is the evidence Israel wants peace?

    Annexing land?
    Pressured and forced deportations?
    Refusing to allow Arab citizens to marry Palestinians?
    The respectful way Israel has treated Palestinians?
    The Lebanon War?
    The War on Gaza?
    The Israeli gov't and Lobby pushing the United States to bomb Iran?

    Just because people you like say Israel wants peace, doesn't mean Israel is behaving in a way that will lead to peace.

    If Palestine was dominant and treated Jews the way Israel now treats Palestinians, would you find this acceptable? Would you expect the Jews to resist?

  • Quit deceiving to yourself.

    How long has it been since 1993? 1967?

    Israel has not recognized Palestine. But it has stolen land. Israel has created a ton of new settlements since 1993.

    You are being used by the Right Wing assholes who have a vision of "Greater Israel".

  • Zionists love to highlight bad behavior by Palestinians and then use it to justify denying Palestinians basic human rights.

    Are Palestinians human beings with inalienable human rights?

    Do Israel and American Zionists expect U.S. taxpayers to subsidize Israel denying Palestinians their human rights?

    Do Palestinians behave badly? Yep. Is that a reason to deny Palestinians basic human rights?

    Zionism doesn't work. It requires abusing human rights to implement and is an ineffective way to protect the human rights of Jews.

    So, why is the United States subsidizing the failed experiment of Zionism at this point?

  • Any American critical or skeptical of buying Israel billions in weapons to abuse Palestinian human rights is biased against Israel. </snark>

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    If Israel is a foreign country, why does it deserve this much attention?

    Mexico or Canada would make sense. They're actually big countries. Major trading partners.

    China, India, Russia, Japan or the EU are kinda important too.

    Israel is a minor country with a peculiar relationship with the United States, like Taiwan or Cuba.

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    Do you want the U.S. military to be policing what political movements ascend to power in other countries?

    Do you think the United States has the resources to do this?

    When policing other countries overtaxes U.S. financial and military resources, what next? Don't we have to deal with odious governments at that point anyway?

  • Afghanistan, like much of the developing world, does not have and did not have a central government capable of asserting control over its territory.

    Punishing people in Afghanistan and Pakistan for the sins of their warlords seems immoral. And it doesn't work.

  • What DSM-IV ailment have you identified?

    Questioning the sanity of another member of the community is one of those extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence.

  • Kosovo was part of Serbia before NATO came to the aid of the separatists.

    You may be able to claim that ethnic Albanians weren't treated well by the Serb authorities, but it was part of Serbia and US and NATO troops went in and ultimately helped it break away.

  • No tax cuts for anyone until GOP Senators agree to co-sponsor the bill.

    If no Republicans co-sponsor then Obama goes to Philly and Pittsburgh to explain that there will be no significant action to improve the economy because Republican Senators, people like Arlen Specter, decided that partisanship and ineffective tax cuts for the wealthy were more important than stimulating the economy.

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    Democrats should never advance a compromise bill without a more progressive bill waiting in the wings.

    Either a block of Republicans support the compromise of the Democrats fight hard for the truly progressive bill.

  • on a comment on Spare us the bipartisanship over 5 years ago

    If Team Obama believes in a stimulus bill they should pass a good stimulus bill.

    If it's just something to do to prove they're trying then... let's go slowly.


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