• Are you arguing that it's OK to steal land to create a homeland for Jews b/c past anti-semitism portrayed Jews as dishonest merchants?

    Lakrosse, do you acknowledge that at least some of the land occupied by Israel and Israeli settlers was transferred extra-legally?

  • How is bombing civilian areas from aircraft different than bombing civilian areas by foot?

    What are "western values"? Are "western values" a right to take land? A right to economically and strategically dominate?

    Why do the Palestinians have to agree to anything to get a state? If Israel can veto the existence of Palestine, do Palestinians have the right to veto the existence of Israel?

    Saying Israel is fighting for "freedom, liberty and democracy" is a joke. Israel is fighting for domination, ideology and land... oh, and I forgot, simple bigotry.

    Israel isn't stealing land in the occupied territories to promote the freedom of Palestinians... or for their liberty... or for democracy. Israel steals land because that's what Zionism does. It steals land from Arabs and other non-Jews and gives the land to Jews. That's what Israel has always been about.

  • Does Israel have an obligation to quit its terrorism?

    Does Israel have an obligation to stop building settlements in the occupied territories?

    Is Israel prepared to tell all settlers in the occupied territories to vacate their homes?

  • comment on a post Clinton: U.S. firmly committed to two-state solution over 5 years ago

    If the United States supports a two-state solution, why hasn't it recognized Palestine in the 15+ years since the handshake on the White House lawn?

    The two-state solution is a mirage held out by Israel, Zionists and the United States that has always judged Palestinians as insufficiently deferential to Israel while Israel annexes more land.

  • comment on a post IL-05: The (John) Fritchey Interview over 5 years ago

    Can you explain why Daley feels strongly about opposing Fritchey?

    It seems like Quigley has more of a track record of being an annoyance to Daley on the TIF issue.

    While I can't vote in this race I have been to a couple candidate forums.

    Feigenholtz lost me. Quigley has done some really good stuff, but some of his campaign makes it hard for me to support him.

    Initially Geoghegan's courting of national bloggers while comparatively neglecting locals was annoying, but I'm feeling good about his as a candidate. Although, I can't see a scenario where he comes close to winning.

    And Victor Forys is an impressive outsider candidate. He seems to know the issues.

  • comment on a post IL-05: The Gathering Geogeghan Momentum over 5 years ago

    Is any of this Geoghegan momentum happening in Chicago?

    BTW, you might want to learn the spell the guy's name if you're talking him up as someone people should vote for.

  • If someone gives money to Hamas for humanitarian services to Palestinians, is it OK?

    I'm pretty sure U.S. law allows prosecutors to drop the hammer on any contribution to Hamas.

    Do you see how you are buying into the double standard?

  • What sorta smoking gun are you looking for?

  • comment on a post guns don't kill people over 5 years ago

    My take is that this is a piece of legislation that allows the gun control lobby to feel relevant, sound reasonable and raise money.

    What problem is registering people for gun ownership trying to solve?

    I'm for stricter tracking of firearms throughout the system. I think many legally manufactured firearms are officially listed as "pilfered" when in reality the "stealing" is an orchestrated scheme to transfer firearms from the regulated distribution system to the black market.

    But adding arbitrary bureaucratic requirements to ownership? What is the public policy goal?

  • The problem is a significant block of Zionist Democrats support Israel abusing the rights of Palestinians and many of these support Israel stealing the land.

    After all, where would Zionism be without stealing land?

  • The most reasonable definition of "terrorism" is using illegal violence and the threat of illegal violence to coercively affect political change.

    What's the difference between what Israel did in Gaza and what suicide bombers do to Israel?

    How many people has Israel kill by its terrrorism in the last year? How many has Iran killed?

  • What if Iran's leader responds by saying, "There's been a lot of mistrust built up over the years, so it's not going to happen overnight," he said of the United States. "And it's important that, even as we engage in this direct diplomacy, we are very clear about certain deep concerns that we have as a country, that United States understands that we find the funding of Zionist oppression of Palestinians unacceptable."

  • What is the basis for thinking that working the Israeli political process is the road to peace?

    Aren't younger Israelis the most hostile age group to peace?

    And aren't more Israelis living on land the Palestinians consider occupied than ever?

    Isn't the most realistic option to achieve peace a peace imposed by the United States over the objections of Israelis?

  • How should people critical of Israel's occupation of Palestinian land work to affect change?

  • Zionism is an ideology that at its root is stealing land from Palestinians because they aren't Jewish.

    The '93 Oslo Accords didn't slow Israel's pace of annexing land, the peace accords greatly accelerated the annexation.

    It's simply absurd to suggest that if Palestinians supplicated themselves more that Israel wouldn't have stolen the land.

    The evidence is that if Israel can steal land, it will. This is true no matter what behavior the Palestinians engage in.

    The root of the conflict is Israel stealing land and otherwise denying Palestinians basic human rights.

    If Arabs were doing to Jews what Israel does to Palestinians, you'd demand the persecution of Jews stop. And you'd expect Jews to resist the persecution.


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