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    I'd like to connect the MyDD book club with my Internet radio show Collective Interest which broadcasts Sunday 4-6 PM (Central) on WUIC.

    Would people like to call-in? Get the author as a guest? Get another expert?

    There's only one phone line which makes it impossible to have a call-in expert and to take calls from the audience. However, there are experts in Chicago I could prob get in the studio.

  • comment on a post Redistricting plans for IL and NJ over 9 years ago
    I'm not crazy about redistricting to win seats, but if the Springfield guys wanted to stick it to Denny they would prob dismantled the 17th district (Lane's prob got to retire soon anyway) and create a new 14th CD that included both Quad Cities and the Fox River Valley. Hastert would probably jump to the next district (the new 17th) but adding Decatur and Springfield precincts to the 19th would make that district more competetive again.

    Hastert would represent some funky shaped think that included lots of rural Illinois.


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