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    Smart enough not to get duped by Bush team on Iraq lies
    • Levin
    • Wyden
    • Mikulski
    • Corzine

    Duped and too stupid or obstinate to admit it
    • Feinstein
    • Bayh

    Top dog was duped, but now realizes it
    * Rockefeller
  • Andersen got less than 40%.
  • If the Dems got the election results in every precinct at the end of election day it seems there would be less questions about whether cheating was a factor.
  • where are you?
  • Yes, the right candidate running the right campaign can beat Kirk (and Biggert). It may be a two-cycle process like beating Crane, but it can be done.

    Both these two are weasels in their own right. I wouldn't get complicated and try to tie them to DeLay with "low attention" voters. I'd make the case that they are opportunists. Their statements and actions that are designed to project "moderation" are cynical calculations so they can do what's necessary to acquire power. Sorta reversing the way the GOP portrays Dems waffling or evolving opinions as being cynical.

    But even if the Dems don't win it will be easier to convince Kirk and Biggert to break with party leadership if they are getting lots of contacts on an issue from a district-wide precinct organization.

    BTW, from what I hear Gash was a strong candidate that ran the wrong campaign. The national Dem consultants pushed her to raise money and run banal TV ads. It took Gash out of her forte of retail politics and discussing her legislative record which included many respectable accomplishments. Instead they had her sitting on a bench with her mom on TV and talking about prescription drugs. Wrong campaign for the wrong district.

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    Chicago Lulu posted at dKos:

    A question a lot of us have asked in the last month is "What's next?"
    I'm sure we have all spent time thinking about how to address the
    consequences of November 2's outcome. To that end, we have been
    contemplating the next steps that will make sense for NSubILKerry
    (North Suburbs and Northern Chicago for Kerry). As a group based
    in Chicagoland, we can have the greatest impact in this region. Yet
    at the same time, we want to change the national direction. We will
    have more to say about the future of NSubILKerry in January after
    the holidays.


    On Sunday December 5, there will be an informal discussion on the
    next steps for the progressive movement, hosted by the Democratic
    Party of Evanston and Schakowsky for Congress. There will be a
    number of speakers, including our own Daniel Dennison. If you are
    interest in discussing what the next steps are and getting involved,
    please plan on attending this event RSVP to president@dpoe.org

    Here are the details:

    Sunday December 5
    Informal Discussion
    4:00 PM at 303 Dodge, Evanston

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    One person who read this plan didn't like working through the DCCC, because this is outside the organization's expertise.

    He suggested a PAC, like the DfA PAC for Illinois. A PAC is the wrong structure because it can only make a $5K in-kind contribution. Have I got this correct?

    A 527 is more promising. But a 527 has to be independent, right? I think the 527 could pass the info gathered to the Dem Party and the party could pas it to the campaigns. But spending tens of thousands of dollars gathering info and passing it directly to the campaign would violate laws about independence and in-kind limits. Can any experts help on this?

  • The effort shouldn't rely on volunteers completely.

    To do the plan proposed for five CDs the group has to organize 130+ precincts ("wards" in Wisconsin) per week for eight months. Doesn't this seem too big to organize on a volunteer basis?

    I also don't want to rely on progressive activists. To pull something this big off all the Dem Party coalition needs to be pulling on the oars, including political bosses and their patronage armies, unions, Black churches, students and progressive activists. If the Democratic Party is scared enough to work together, it should be a powerful force.

    Good luck in Minnesota. It seems like doing a project like this hubbed out of Twin Cities going after five-six districts in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and maybe even the Dakotas and eastern Nebraska.

  • What kind of support do you see yourself providing?
  • I too am perplexed that the Kerry campaign, ACT, et al didn't have one person getting the election results at every precinct in Ohio and Florida.

    But this only peripherally connects with this proposal.

  • How do you expect the DCCC to recruit candidates without having people on the ground across the country?

    I'm for shooting for wins in more districts than the cureent Dem leadership. But it's a waste of resources to recruit candidates that can't win.

    What's your plan to have the DNC fund a captain in every precinct?

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    Kerry and the Dems were playing "not to lose" rather than shooting for a big win. Guess they didn't calculate right.
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    I'm shocked! Fraud in anti-ballistic missile tests.

    Have they ever had a successful test that wasn't based on falsified data?

    If the FBI and GAO have determined there wasn't fraud, why not have a separate set of eyes look at the data?

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    According to this reference the largest religious group is Catholics followed by Methodists and Baptists. Which doesn't negate that courting LDS votes is important. But it's not like running in a majority Mormon community.
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    Excellent point.


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