Chris Dodd's Narrow Window to Help Himself AND Ned Lamont

Democrats running for President are coming to the realization actively supporting Ned Lamont will give them needed credibility from activist Democratic liberals, progressives and committed base of people they'll soon be aggressively courting in Iowa and New Hampshire.  The first Democrat looking at the '08 nomination to come out for Lamont will receive a groundswell of activist support.  After one of them makes the leap, expect to see a run for the door as several others attempt to capitalize on the good will as well.

Of all of those running in `08, Chris Dodd has the most to gain from this narrow endorsement window of opportunity.  Unshackled as he is as a result of Lieberman's latest traitorous snub at the Connecticut Democratic party, Dodd has the opportunity to take back his endorsement of Holy Joe.

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