The SuperD's and how the "Math" may come back to bite you.

We have heard for weeks about "the math" and how HRC cannot overcome numbers to become the nominee of the Democratic party.  This is nonsense due to a variety of factors - but let's examine the SuperD math issue.

It has been widely touted by BO and the punditry that the SuperD's must not overturn the will of the people and should vote with their constituencies (even though BO supporters/media do not seem to point out this hypocrisy in Kerry, Kennedy, Richardson and Patrick).  

But let's consider the issue for a moment...  

The BO camp argument that SuperD's vote the will of the people - then logic follows that this should be done at the state level.  Therefore - if your state went for a particular candidate - then all SuperD's from said state should vote for said candidate.

So - lets look at the math breakdown based on Supers at the state level thus far:

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Observations From Up North.

This is my first diary - so please be kind.  

As a friendly neighbor from Canada and political junkie I have watched the upcoming US election with great interest.  While I favour HRC as the Democratic nominee it has been more of a far-flung affection (since I am unable to vote).  However - since November and the prominence of BO as both a viable candidate and in fact the Democratic frontrunner - things have not sat right with me. Up until recently I could not quite put my finger on it, but I will attempt to try.

My biggest problem is with a HYPOCRISY with BO, his campaign and supporters is that is rooted in PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.  

I will outline this in 6 issues that have shaped the DEMOCRATIC race in recent months.

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