• i wonder why 8 HR's doesn't lead to an immediate ban?

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    a diary with over 100 comments!!! how long has that been??? for that i am reccing... but i am too tired now to dole out the mojo or HR of which there are many that are deserving.

    now - as to the diary... i dunno - there is some merit to what you are saying about palin - namely that blatant sexism was thrown at her. one of the things that bugged me the most during the election is that groups like NOW et al really didn't act of behalf of palin (especially in the media) which in my mind sends a sinister message to women of different political persuasions than democrats....

    that said - i have come to realize (embarrassingly only recently) that palin is deserving of scorn. her political record - on its own - is one of derision and hyper-partisanship. while i think there are attractive qualities about her as a politician, i also think that she also has terrible instincts since she got onto the republican ticket.

    this whole thing with letterman was a perfect example... he was completely and utterly out-of-line, yet if she either kept quiet or gave a subtle response - MOST - people would have shared the outrage.  but no, no she had to take it 1000% too far which diminished how wrong the original slight was.

    i suppose i am somewhat in agreement with you and somewhat not... opinion limbo is a weird sensation i must say.

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    the DADT and DOMA marriage acts are blatant infringements of human rights. they have to go.

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  • not that i'm really speaking to the content of the diary - but he's not overestimating the effect on cuba.

    i've been there - the embargoes affects are unmistakable.

  • because if you're serious about this something is v. wrong.

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    maybe you're right.

    but if he has the interests of the iranian protestors at heart, then why would he criticize obama for not trying to undermine their cause. makes no sense.

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    "these animals" "these monsters" ????


  • are you for real?

    This blockade is an immense help to the peace process.

    come now - surely you see how that is utter rubbish.

  • i take offense to them being called my trolls. they're not.

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    you call it civil disobedience i call it batshit crazy grandstanding.
    you call it collective punishment, i call it security. this boat's manifest logged that it was headed to egypt incidentally.

    whether we like it or not - israel and egypt administer gazan borders. given the security issues surrounding smuggling of arms that have been allowed to enter in the past. plainly - it has a right to inspect the ships and determine what may or may not enter.

    as to this nonsense - the group expected to be stopped, and they needed to be stopped to grab better headlines. If they had just wanted to quietly slip into gaza and actually provide some of that relief needed, they could have tried that.

    via haaretz

    In the statement, the IDF Spokespersons' Unit added that it "would like to emphasize that any organization or country that wishes to transfer humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, can legally do so via the established crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip with prior coordination."

    The army said humanitarian goods found on board the boat will be transferred to the Gaza Strip, subject to authorization.

    but it was all about the press releases and feigned outrage rather than helping.

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    i wouldn't get too twisted about this - even though this diary has been described as a response to an embrace at kos. most there seem in agreement that this particular 'group' were interested in getting press that in um - delivering actual aid. and i saw a v. funny picture in the comment that made me laugh - so i'll include it.

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    your completely one-sided take on I/P events seem troublesome and counter-productive. however in this case, it seems like a very appropriate yin to the other diary's on this topics' yang.

    not enough to get a rec, but your point is indeed appropriate to the other epicurean failure of a diary.


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