World Must Speak Out

China has been getting away with human rights abuses in Tibet and other parts of the world for too long. With the recent protests in the streets of Lhasa and the crackdown and murdering of innocent civilians and monks, it has become evident that the governments and people of the free world must stand up with Tibet and its people and demand their freedom.

I am not Buddhist or Tibetan, but I believe that all people have the right to self-determination.

China invaded its peaceful neighbour. It has set up a system of apartheid that subjects Tibetans to control by the minority Han Chinese.

China has oppressed Tibetan religion, culture, and language. It has branded the Dalai Lama -- a peaceful man who believes that Tibet should remain in China, but as a democratic autonomous region, much like Hong Kong -- as a divisive force who wants to destroy the Chinese people.

It has been nearly 58 years since China invaded Tibet and began its genocide. It is time that we all stand with one voice against this horrendous injustice.

With the Beijing Olympics approaching, it is the perfect time to let the Chinese government know that the world will no longer turn a blind eye.

I encourage all those who believe that China should no longer get away with its human rights abuses in Tibet and elsewhere to join the campaign for a free Tibet. Fly the Tibet flag or hang off your balcony or whatever, write your Member of Congress, or Senator and tell them that Tibet should be free.  I also encourage everyone to turn the tv off when it comes to the Beijing Olympics.  How can we expect to have freedom if we do not defend those who want it but do not have it?  Free Tibet!

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