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    Under United States territory we have oil reserves as large as the Saudis.  If we don't drill for it, realistically, how are we going to fuel the transportation infrastructure in this country? We have all of these internal combustion engines which not only move people, but also move things like food.  

    Electric cars are no option.  Even if everyone could afford them (and so many working class folks can't afford to go out and buy NEW cars)they are no solution. Taking power from the electrical grid for tansportation will require building numerous coal-fired (dirty--ugh) plants to produce the energy.  Then it has to be wheeled on the lines over long distances.  It is actually much cleaner, more economical and more efficient to use petro fuels as we do now. Ethanol is not a solution, just look what it has done to the cost of food commodities.

    Mass transit is not practical in the west and midwest as the distances are too large and the population too small.

    We need to find alternatives, but realistically it will take 20 years or more to get them on line on any type of scale.  Without more drilling how do we bridge the gap?  This is going to effect a lot of our good working class Democrats too.  I have not seen a good alternative.  Can someone help me on this?

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    Yeah, just wait until Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid come crashing down.  Then we'll have them!

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    Now (since the gov't took them over) a case may be made that this is indeed true. Better look for a better gaffe than is.  Trying to make too much of this will be a mistake.

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    We've got to come up with more than this.

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    I'm not so sure about Ohio.  Palin is pro gun, pro hunting and her husband is a steel worker. I wonder if that will apeal to the blue collar voters there.

    But as you say, Ohio may not matter.

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    I thought the voters of Connecticut reelected him.

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    Whose poll showed the 50 break?

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    Careful of the gender card. Friday night Zogby's poll gave McCain a 2 point lead.  Rassmussen showed Obama 3 points ahead.  Pretty close.

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    Obama had better have a "bump" at the end of the convention.  It will be interesting to see what McCain's "bump" is after the Palin announcement.  I'll bet he's above Obama after today.  The polls are close but the Reps have their convention next week.  Let's look at the polls after that.

    I think the Palin choice has fired up the Rep base.  The inexperience thing is not a good thing to bring up. The bottom of the Rep ticket may not have experience, but the top of the Dem ticket doesn't either.

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    The Democrats know they are in trouble.  Obama dissed Hillary and ignored the fact she had so many votes in the primary.  Every woman I have talked to is at least excited by the fact a woman is on the Republican ticket. Many, if not most, will vote for the Reps. McCain has taken the initiative after the Dems sad convention.  

    How can the Democrat ticket criticize the VP pick on the basis of experience?  She has run a state (with nearly 90% favorable poll ratings), what has Barry run?  I've got news for everyone, Biden does not have a following.  The Reps are fired up over Palin!


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