Provisional Ballots

Within all the numbers from the swing states, one must remember that provisional ballots are not counted tonight. That happens at a later date. My question is: how many provisional ballots were filed in ohio and florida and the other states? If this question can be answered, we can get a better feel on where florida and ohio are going. It very well be that the exit polls are accurate and many people had to use provisional ballots. Until we figure out how many of these ballots are out there, nothing should be conceded - even the states Kerry was not supposed to win. I suspect part of the republicans strategy in challenging voters was to take them off the count today and give the perception that bush won. Until we can get an estimate of the provisional ballots - nothing is over. I have heard that there are 400K provisional ballots in OH alone. Find out how many there in Florida - I cant believe that the GOTV effort only generated as much as is shown now.


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