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    God, that was funny. And very well done.

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    It will bottom out this time next year. At least that's my semi-educated guess.

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    And it happened BEFORE any tax breaks took effect.

    Wow. Who would have guessed?

    Oh right, a lot of people on the left said that.

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    Greg Sargent:

       "On CNN just now, Mark Halperin pointed out that one reason this is a big blow to McCain is that the press will talk about the endorsement for the next few days, cutting into the time McCain has left."

    That's exactly what I said on another blog. Well, different words, same sentiment.

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    "Didn't the power just shift to McCain?"

    I don't think so.

    McCain praised Lewis earlier this year, and most people probably were not aware of some of the more hateful remarks people at McCain / Palin campaign events have shouted out. If handled well, McCain might be able to earn a draw, but they are walking a fine line here, and could make matters worse.

    Hell, if they go too far, their base might turn on them.

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    Loved that speech. It was excellent.

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    Isn't Palin involved in a scandal in Alaska? She's unknown nationally and the Democrats will be able to paint her as someone who uses her political power for personal gain.

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    "Romney doesn't sit well with fundamentalist Christian voters..."

    This is what I was thinking. Romney puts a lot of EC votes in play, especially in the south.

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    I'll be glad when race-baiting bites the Republicans hard. Maybe they will even learn the wrong lesson and think they were too soft on immigration and that's why they lost.

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    Every time I read a post by Jerome Armstrong, I think its time to hold an intervention for him.

    "The hatred of Clinton runs deep among the Obama supporters..."

    I started out supporting Edwards, but when it became clear he would not win, I switched to Clinton. But when it became clear she was willing to destroy the part rather than lose, she lost my support. We need unity to defeat McCain and people like Jerome Armstrong are part of the problem. I have taken MyDD off my daily blog reading list and I hope Mr. Armstrong will snap out of it and start healing the wounds HE has caused. Although since he doesn't recognize the damage he's done, I doubt this will happen.

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    I remember a time when many Clinton supporters were telling everyone that small states don't count. Now the race hinges on West Virginia? How did that happen?

    By the way, unless Hillary Clinton gets 70% of the delegates from West Virginia, she will fall further behind Obama in terms of percent of remaining delegates needed to clinch it. To emphasize, 50%+1 isn't a win, 70% is.

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    Firing him, or making him resign, would be a huge mistake. But I think it could happen. After all, it wouldn't be the biggest mistake the GOP have made this election cycle.

  • At this point, the Democrats winning only 10 seats would be seen as a disappointment. I don't think they will match their gains from 2006, but that isn't out of the question given results like this (and the huge edge in money).

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    Could Huckabee keep McCain from winning the nomination outright? Could there be a brokered convention for the GOP? I don't know how many Super Delegates there are for the GOP, so I don't know if that is possible.

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    If Clinton isn't he nominee, she has to give back all of the money over the limit. (And I think that's more than $20 million at this point.)

    However, what happens if she is the V.P.? Can she keep that money and spend it on the general election?


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