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    for causing to waste 2 mins of my life reading this.

    "This is a damning statement that I believe to be 100% true."  Do I really have to waste my time asking you to prove this?  What a sad commentary on political blindness.

    Vouchers are liberal?  Obama saying "Bush's 4th term" as a gotcha? 4 years, 3rd term, standard slip of the tongue.  Hes both radical - and in bed with "moderates" like Daschle and Bonoir?

    Does it hurt to twist your perceived logic to fit your worldview?

    If it does I suggest Oxycotin - thats what Rush goes with.

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    I suggest re-reading.

  • TR for linking a cartoon from an openly partisan RW cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star.

    You dont even want to see Varvel's work on Hillary.

    Quit getting your ideas from hi44 and no quarter - theyre losing it.  Free yourself from that path.

  • It also means that huge DSCC war-chest being used to push races like Nebraska, NC, Texas into first-tier status.  Hopefully a little more money can be spent early in MN to target Coleman and give Franken a chance to rally his base and get a solid footing on his campaign message and put the tax news a good 6-8 weeks behind him.

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    Real cute.  Youre a tool.

    Glad to know this is all a game to you - and no-one can be spared for your sour grapes, even a good Democrat like John Edwards.

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    I forgot when officials in FL and MI used hoses on Democratic primary voters, or beat them, or put out dogs...

  • to suggest a fellow Democrat - and the leader for the nomination - cannot defeat John McCain based on a single point of evidence (myDD EV calculator) that has been established to be a poor model for electoral strength given that it gives equal weight to varied polls, with varied models, ignoring trends and demographic models.

  • Exit polls show Edwards qwould have won back his seat in 2004 by 8 points.  Edwards was principled enough to not pull a Lieberman - and divide his loyalties to his constituents.

    Hard to win NC when you dont staff it, dont campaign in it, dont run ads in it.

    He won the Senate seat against an incumbant and the Helms political machine during the Clinton impeachment build-up in 1998 - having never before run for public office, and not taking a dime of PAC or lobbyist money.

    Youre revisionist history to serve your bias is a really nauseating trait.  You should have stopped at the first sentence.

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    Wherin, then the other half of the party will be pissed and stay home for her not doing enough to unite the party and beat McCain - ensuring her own loss in 2012.

    And around we go with 8 years of Republican rule.  Then we can all get "dougebag" tattoos.

    This just isnt going to happen.

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    Thank God in the GE we wont have so much influence by "blacks" and "kids"

    Who else is sick of these people and their voting?

    Its hard to take all this 48-state hand-wringing seriously when the same people openly belittle fellow Americans.

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    Perhaps the people of this district truly did want "change."  Change in party, change in approach, change in representation in Washington.  Perhaps they were sick of the blaming of government, and decided to vote for a government that is competent.

    This is the problem with some Democrats that has stifled us as a party for many years.  And I dont want to turn this into another primary pissing match, but it goes to the core of a great deal of Clinton-Obama divides.

    Many Democrats see the country as more conservative than liberal.  Ever since, 1994, many Democrats of influence have resolved that the majority of the country is against us on the issues.  So we guard those values and slice and dice to create electoral favor for ourselves - but we lose the opportunities to go big.

    I wasnt always sold on Obama - but I shared his idea that its time for Democrats to go big.  Its time for us to ask for every vote and speak to Americans collective values.  That its not worth winning by a hair by slicing and dicing the electorate if you dont have the majority will, the collective good feeling like theyve been on board.

    The people of Mississippi, whether blue or red, conservative or liberal, black or white - want to be part of something greater than themselves.  That means often shaking off their old ideologies and habits.

    Thats why this election will be so huge - the Democratic party is offering a fundamental change in the American psyche.  A vision for the future that is not selective for certain states or certain voters.

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    in 1992 when Tsongas won New York after dropping out.

    Biggest embarrassment ever!  How would the Governor of Arkansas win over coastal Democratic voters in November?

    The end is near!

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    What a loser!  That guy will never have what it takes to be President!

    Nominate Seward!  He's the only one to take on Breckenridge in November!

    Theres too many Americans that wont vote for Lincoln!  Youre nominating a loser!

    The sky is falling!

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    And we wonder why young Americans are increasingly apathetic... as older Americans talk down to them and accuse them of being shallow and useless.

    You win the "Get Off My Lawn!" award for best crotchety old voter.

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    It was not effective in Illinois.  I lived in the state during that summer. The market out-paced the cut - prices were statistically up for consumers that summer.


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