I've got to get this off my chest

Has anyone else noticed how in the past week or so the Christian Right has been completely silent, non-existent?  You have got to hand it to the Republicans--they sure know how to close out elections.  Today is the third full day of constant Kerry coverage, this rivals the coverage given to the Mark Foley scandel.  The blame for this should rest with the elites in the democratic party.  

How many times do we need to be reminded that if you don't fight a GOP story then it will continue, so you might as well get your people on TV and radio to fill the space and provide some rebuttal. Where was Rahm or Chuck on this in the first day news cycle?  I think they partly wanted to watch Kerry suffer and expected this to just go away.  Now I don't think it should impact the elections, hopefully, but this is still a strategic error. When will people learn this is about controlling national narratives and we were painted as having weak leadership and being weak on defense by Bush and Turd Blossom once again.

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Hi-Sen: Advertiser Poll Slightly Bogus

First let me begin by saying I am an avid Akaka supporter and will be voting for him this Sat.  Also I wrote this in the comments section but felt it warranted further review.  The Hawaii Democratic Primary for Senate is far from over.  I, like many others, felt relieved when the Honolulu Advertiser recently endorsed Akaka and released a poll showing him up by about ten points over Case.  However, there are many problems with this poll and more attention needs to be put on this race.  

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Ed Case is Cooked

Well I just got back from the Hawaii Democratic State Convention.  It was a good time but I just wanted to post what happened at the convention with Case and Akaka.  This was no Ned Lamont-grassroots, turn the corner type event for Case.  It was an old-fashioned show of political force by the remaining good ol' boy hierarchy of the Democratic state party leadership.

Inouye began with his speech endorsing his good friend Kaniela Akaka. It was quite a personal speech, uncharacteristic for Sen. Inouye, and he talked about his close ties with Akaka and the need for unity in the party.  After he was done a drum started pounding and a mob of Akaka supporters marched up to the front of the room and cheered at every Akaka pause.  Neil Abercrombie, a real progressive, was in the front row and jumped quite frequently to his feet as well.  Akaka's speech were full of little jabs at Case  and his support of Bush's tax cuts and the patriot act.    

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