• However, Case is a Blue Dog DINO in the mold of Liebermann.  He voted for the bankruptcy bill and is for the war in Iraq.  He is not even a moderate.  I live in Hawaii and agree that Akaka's voting record should be more to the left than it is but putting in Case would be awful because he is such a "maverick" and never follows the party line.  His voting record in the State Senate proves this. He is not a reliable dem and would be a lifelong DINO in the Senate.  Abercrombie was supposed to get that seat and he is a true diehard liberal.

    Now about that poll, I'm on Case's mailing list and he sent it out but to this date no breakdown on the specifics of the poll were given.  Just 700 people 40% Akaka, 38% Case.  This means that it could have been dems, repubs, or independ who were polled so I am very skeptical.  While at the state convention this week I will know more about the feel but at the Oahu county convention the pro-Case sentiment hardly even existed.  He didn't even come to speak. I don't think Akaka is in that much trouble with Case to be quite honest.

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    Why is it that KY-03 is listed on both the Leans Repub and the Likely Repub columns. Seems like Cook made an error. Maybe I don't understand something...could someone fill me in.

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    How can you, with a straight face, really support Lieberman anyway.  Its beyond me how a member of the progressive blogosphere would be actively working for a proponent of the War in Iraq and who at every turn literally kisses the president.

    The point at the beginning of the Lamont candidacy wasn't so much to win anyway--it was to get through to the DINOman that he better start limiting his nauseating FOX News appearances.  The Lamont candidacy is already a winner no matter what happens from here on out.

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    Anyone who can raise taxes in a red state and come away with a 70 pecent approval rating is what leadership is all about.  

    Think about it for a minute--if Warner holds all of the states that Kerry did(shouldn't be that hard) and comes away with Virginia then pretty much wins the election, not to mention his ability to connect with southern voters.  The man is pragmatic and a leader, Mark Warner would be an excellent candidate for '08.

  • What a silly mistake to make especially with good ol' Jack getting 6 years in Florida.  Restores my faith in Florida's legal system...if only something could be done about that Bush v Gore thing.

    Anyway, I hope Ney goes down at the very least when all this is said and done--why are we not pounding home the reform platform.  That should be the top priority right now--establishing the party as the reform party for the midterm elections.  A generic ballot lead doesn't mean all that much this far out unless we can raise enough fuss about needing to clean house and independents love that message.

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    I do like Mark Warner a lot as a governor but I saw him testify before the House on his role as the co-chair of the National Governors Association (NGA) along with Gov. Huckabee and they were proposing the Gov's take on Medicaid reform.  I saw him propose the implementation of copayments for Medicaid and I wasn't too happy about that.  

    Warner is my candidate right now but I want him to be more on the progressive side and less of a blue dog.

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    I have lived in Hawaii practically all my life and have been very involved in the grassroots levels of the party structure here in one of the most Republican areas on the island.  This grants me some added insight into what is transpiring in various places on the island.

    First let me say that Hawaii is still very dem and the liberal mentality remains--the repubs have a difficult time getting anyone elected to the state legislature. However, local politics has always been dominated by the unions and while that isn't neccesarily a bad thing, it has unfortunatly degenerated into the culture of an old boys system and has taken for granted the winning of elections without being connected to the grassroots.  This is a problem the current establishment is very actively seeking to alleviate but it still isn't an environment that is producing any leaders anyone is too excited to rally behind.  So we don't have a good candidate to challenge Lingle--no one, that's sad.

    Another problem that no one seems to be addressing is the investment that Repubs have been making to change the political climate.  They have recently added a conservative radio station to compliment local papers such as the Midweek that delight us with the columns of Malkin and other conservatives.  Although the Advertiser and Star-Bulletin did support Kerry they are by no means liberal papers and I am frequently upset by their catering to local Republicans.  Cheney even made a visit because of that bogus poll but you have to hand it to Lingle, she is a shrewd politician.  Most Filipinos, well Tagalog Filipinos, are dems but ilocano's, which are the largest portion of the Hawaii Filipino community, are Repub and last week Lingle traveled there to be on one of the most popular television shows.

    The bottomline is that the Repubs are making some noise and its time for the grassroots in all 50 states to respond.  

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    I would actually be interested but Vote Hawaii is just too conservative. Maybe I am not seeing the big picture but investing so much time into a blog that doesn't really express your views must be hard.

    I have contemplated myself starting a more progressive blog on Hawaii politics because there really isn't one and trying to integrate it into the real grassroots political scene, especially for campaigns and since I am not Native Hawaiian myself I am no voice on those specific issues. I enjoy reading your site--what is the reason for the sabbatical? Would you be willing to start something new?

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    What about when he goes on to dkos where Paul Hackett has posted and sits there ripping into whatever he says. I understand this is his site and he can say whatever he wants and so can I, right? The problem is when money or some position from outside screws that up. If this site is a pro-Brown site then lets just openly say it--no one has a problem with that. What is the big deal about disclosing, no one cares other than to know where someone is coming from on top of their regular blogging. I think thats just good form.
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    Brown should have been in this race from day one. DeWine's numbers haven't been that good from the beginning--he just didn't have the guts to declare, instead he lied to Paul Hackett's face and then played the "I'm too much of a career politician to put my job on the line" dance.  Then when he got some good internal polling numbers or some clear indication he could win he jumps in--knowing full well that Hackett was already fully in.

    I watched Brown this summer in DC at countless hearings.  He is a good progressive and a real outspoken liberal on many important issues but he has never stood up and taken on DeWine like he should. How many times has he done this already?

    The man has no Gravitas. Plain and simple.

    Oh and in a general Hackett is smashing DeWiner by close to 20 points.

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    I respect Jerome--I really do, but I am glad he has stepped away for the time being. Its much better for the progressive netroots as a whole. If you are being paid by someone's campaign in a democratic primary and you use your position to bash the opposing candidate at every occasion because its your job then its a problem.  
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    This whole thing wouldn't be a big deal if bloggers were to practice a tiny bit of self-reflexiveness. The problem is when you have Jerome who is being paid by Sherrod going on dkos and slamming ruthlessly on Paul Hackett's diary.  I read them and found them simply abhorrent to the cohesive nature of the community we are trying to establish.

    We can't allow, for the supposed freedom of expression, the progressive blogosphere to be controlled and dictated by bloggers who act like hegemonic demagogues.  If we are establishing a community it shouldn't be used for one faction to choose sides and then supress a candidate from our own party, just because your paid and its your job to do it.  If Brown weren't in the race would you be saying the same things about Hackett or is this motivated by your job.

    I think this is a wake up call to the entire progressive netroots and an opportunity for some serious introspective reflection.

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    First off I do respect Sherrod Brown immensely. I saw him this past summer in countless hearings standing up for Medicaid and Medicare and other important issues.
    However, this honorable man has been playing too much politics for the blogosphere not to hold him accountable. Everyone knows he has been notoriously passive about accepting a bid to run for the Senate and he did that once again this year. Did he or did he not tell Hackett face to face that he wasn't running? Don't feed me some line that he just changed his mind. Obviously some internal polling was going on or something swayed his decision. Now the MSM is picking up on how crippling this could potentially be to the cohesive community needed to establish a solid insider v. outsider, us versus them mentality to combat Republicans.
    Lets get some answers from Brown before we go flying off the handle attacking from both sides because paychecks lead to the same partisan hackery we are supposedly so much opposed to.


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