• Also the phrase stupid progressives was referring to my fellow Hawaii voters who are easily persuaded b/c they don't do their homework.  Its no coincidence that Case is now running these bogus environmental ads just b/c he knows it is the one issue he is supposedly more progressive on.

  • He is supporting Lamont, I don't have the link but he did say it. Inouye is the one who is wavering. The vote on ANWR came after all the voting was done and everyone knew it didn't matter one way or the other on the final outcome of the vote.

    The real question is do you want a full on moderate bi-partisan type who will sell out the party any chance he gets or do you want a progressive who made one inconsequential vote to sure up support for the Akaka bill. If you support Case then I think you are a stupid progressive--the type that allow one special interest to overshadow the the pragmatic common good.  That is why special interest has taken us away from the common good and pushed towards Republican individualism.

  • Come on people--Case is so pro-business and isn't all that environmental but he knows it is a wedge issue that he can use to pry away stupid progressives.

    Case wants it both ways--just like Loserman. He has said he is a moderate who doesn't like left extremists(he openly criticized the netroots) but also wants to try and be a progressive dem.  Don't be fooled he is for staying the course and voted for the bankruptcy bill.  He is a blue-dog DLC type for crying out loud.  

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    They are still going those idiots.  Do they not even know how to talk to the Lamont campaign??  What has "journalism" come to? This is seriously pathetic.

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    This is off subject a little but MSNBC just reported the stupid Sean Smith hacking rubbish.  They didn't even mention the fact that they just didn't pay for it.  I hopr Lamont beats him so badly.  Somebody respond and set MSNBC straight.

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    Loserman-48--you know I really dislike this sorry excuse for a Senator more and more--you know we need an acronym for Fox News Democrats
  • Obviously you know there haven't been any debates.  I know Akaka is pretty much worthless, but come on--Case is just pathetic.  From the War in Iraq to his vote for the Bankruptcy Bill, Case loves to be the maverick who is bucking the party line to be a bipartisan sell out to the Republicans.  He did consistently when he was in the Hawaii State Senate and was getting frustrated with life in the House because he couldn't stand out like he wanted to.  

    Looks to me like we have the next Lieberman in the making waiting in the wings.  I'm sorry but Case is not a good democrat.  Don't be fooled by his support of ANWR, he knew he could try and use it as a wedge issue between himself and Sen. Akaka. Case is just out for himself.

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    I live on Oahu and when you drive around the island all you see are Akaka signs.  If Case was banking on the fact that a high enough rate of Repubs would be crossing party lines then he didn't take into account the contested Republican primary going on in our district between Bob Hogue, a local sportscaster, and Kawananakoa.  This is a contested Republican primary so not as many Republicans from Case's district are going to cross over.  I think that pretty much kills Case's chances--thank goodness.

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    I've written before on this and for the record I do live in Hawaii.  It is laughable to compare Ed Case and Ned Lamont, just as its laughable to compare him to Akaka.  Case is no reformer and he is a conservationist only when its convenient for him.  He is a Blue Dog for crying out loud.  Akaka, other than the ANWR vote, has had a stellar record on the environment that spans generations.  
    Some one talked about voting as a conservationist but what about voting on the Iraq war that Case supports and the Patriot Act that Case voted for?  How about the Bankruptcy Bill he voted for--the list continues. And just like Lieberman, Case bucked the party establishment when he was a state senator in Hawaii, he as opportunist who cuts deals to further his own political ambition--he is no party guy, make no mistake about it.
    Look, Akaka may be old and pretty much worthless but he will die soon and then we can get a real progressive in office.  The line that Hawaii needs to build seniority now is stupid.  Inouye will be out in 2010 and we'll start over no matter what and wouldn't you rather have a strong progressive like Abercrombie in that seat.  Lets not be stuck with a DINO for years to come.
    Oh and the reason no one was anointed to take his place is because of an inbreed state party--look at the squabble going on to replace Case, just ridiculous.  
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    Its really that simple.  Do we want Henry Cuellar representing Hawaii in the Senate?

    Even if Akaka is not the most progressive, to put it frankly he will die soon and Case as a Blue Dog DINO  will be almost impossible to beat in a primary.  

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    Mr. Tester
    I really don't give money to campaigns very often--being a poor college student and all but I just really felt like I needed to give to your campaign.  I hope a lot of other regular people like me give to an inspiring candidate like you.  Our generation may be often categorized as apathetic but I think we are just waiting to be inspired by good people who stand up for what they believe in.  

    Don't let us down Mr. Tester, I'm confident you won't and I'm confident the people of Montana will see right through that slime Conrad Burns. Thank you.

  • Akaka is a progressive when placed next to Ed Case. And just to clear Akaka's record--it was Case that supported the Bankruptcy Bill and Bush's tax cuts and voted for the war and is a blue dog dem who is completely an opportunistic politician.  

    I agree Hawaii can do better than both Case and Akaka but lets not begin to entertain the delusion that Case is to the left of Akaka.

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    I totally agree with you but Akaka will serve one more term and then we can replace him with someone better.  If you allow Case in--your going to be stuck with him and no one is going to somehow convince me that this "Blue Dog Dem" is really a full blown progressive.  I also want new leadership and a return to real liberal values in Hawaii but Case is not the answer.  

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    Sorry Big Island--I would agree with you but you should know that Case and his voting record would be much worse and would be in office much longer.  Hawaii Dems just need to push Akaka around and make him more responsive to his base, something I agree he is not.  If it were a real progressive running against the corrupt old boy system here then I would be all for it but not Case.  
    I have met and talked extensively with him in his "Talk Story" sessions and he is wrong for Hawaii.  Akaka has never gone on FOX News and supported the war or Bush, Case just got greedy and is now pushing bogus polls to try and regain any kind of momentum.  His campaign is dead in the water--all the big money has been tied up.  Its Abercrombie we want to have this seat--not Case.
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    How can you defend Case's voting record?  He said he would have voted for the authorization to go to War.  He voted for the bankruptcy bill and he pays lip service with the rest when really he is a repub in democratic sheep's clothing.
    Case is wrong for Hawaii. Our local party has a lot of problems right now and we are in the process of getting things to the point where they should be but this won't bring about any good for a state trending  slowly more red. Case jumping ship is great because this seat should be like a memorial to Patsy Mink. No one should taint it with the slightest hint of conservatism.    


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