• I think on guns the national party should just leave it up to individual candidates.  It seems to me that party platforms really don't mean that much to regular people anymore.  If we want gun control we need to do what the repubs do--call it something different and if anyone opposes it, call them lovers of crime.

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    The only person who can take the Senate from us is that jerk Lieberman.  I swallowed vomit watching his acceptance speech.  

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    Thank goodness we got rid of Ed Case here in Hawaii--at least we can scratch him off the list.

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    Of course I have, we helped defeat Ed Case out here in Hawaii.  If I wasn't stuck in the Pacific and in school I would do more.

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    I've thought about that same question--what is the role?  I am apprehensive about some rigid policy goals that transform the blogosphere from a free exchange of ideas to some new kind of super-interest group.  I get nervous when "authorities" in blogs dictate to the community what should be thought and you have some people defending that and saying to go read another blog if you don't like it.  Maybe blogs do function like this and I am blinded by idealism.

    I am excited for the future of blogs and would like to see more regional development and state infastructure so no one blog or person can dictate policy.  I like blogs and elections and less blogs, as a whole, and issues.  Does that even make sense?

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    Oh I hope this is true.  I was getting depressed thinking about all the dem wins but having Lamont loose to Lieberman.  He deserves better, he really does.  I almost feel like Lamont has had an impact on the good fortune of other dems in Conn and around the country b/c he was the first to send the wake-up call around the country.

    But I have never trusted Hannity to ever tell the truth.  Then again, I still believe in miracles.

    Go Ned!

  • WOW!!  This is simply outrageous--even if it was provoked.  My brother is a person with disabilities and I am disgusted.  Go Trauner!

  • This is such a breathe of fresh air.  A quick question--I am from Hawaii and have been disgusted with how the state party pretty much failed to recruit a decent candidate to defeat Lingle but with the recent defeat of DINO Ed Case and the high voter turnout in the primary could this gov. seat be in play?  Iwase hasn't raised much money and isn't the greatest candidate but with an energized base in Hawaii--you can beat any Repub, even Lingle.  

    Thanks again for posting.

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    Yeah Case conceded--Akaka wins!!  Thanks Matt for following this race.  Victory is sweet.  Is this a win for the netroots?  So what if Akaka is establishment...

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    We are still waiting for seven precincts to close.  If you are in line at six you still get to vote.

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    In regards to the new poll, it unfortunately may be completely bogus.  This is the poll that shows Akaka up by ten points--if you look at the breakdown it has a margin of error of 5.3% and the poll was conducted June 8, and June 21-27.  Are we not in Sept?  This was before the disasterous debate was held--things have changed.  I hope Akaka holds on but it is a lot closer than people think.

  • Can we get an official statement like on the Akaka website or something.  Also can someone put some pressure on Inouye to not support Lieberman.  I'm not sure if you have that kind of sway but it would sure be nice.  I'm out here on the North Shore proudly supporting Akaka.  Thanks for your work Andy.

  • Yeah I apologize I was looking back at the 2002 vote not the recent one.  Really I'm not a huge fan of Akaka but I don't want to imagine having Case in office.  As a dem here in Hawaii it has been hard to see him constantly undermining the dem party here.  He is a rich, opportunistic career politician and if thats what you want for your leadership then so be it, but I'd take an ineffective old man who will be gone soon anyway.

  • More like a Laffey kicking out a Chafee.  All I'm saying is if he gets in it will be a whole lot harder for Abercrombie or another true progressive to get in.  Do we really want a Blue-dog Dem as a senator from Hawaii?

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    Here is the dirt on this race.  The party wanted Case to run for Gov. and he said Ok if they would give him Inouye's Senate seat.  The party said that was Abercrombie's seat and so Case said well then I'll just run for Akaka's now.  He screwed over the party and now we will have Lingle as Gov. again and possibly this DINO as senator.

    The point is Akaka will die soon anyway, and then we can elect a real progressive like Abercrombie.  If not then we will have Case in for life b/c its so hard to kick out an incumbent unless they are the miracle man Ned Lamont.


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