I've got to get this off my chest

Has anyone else noticed how in the past week or so the Christian Right has been completely silent, non-existent?  You have got to hand it to the Republicans--they sure know how to close out elections.  Today is the third full day of constant Kerry coverage, this rivals the coverage given to the Mark Foley scandel.  The blame for this should rest with the elites in the democratic party.  

How many times do we need to be reminded that if you don't fight a GOP story then it will continue, so you might as well get your people on TV and radio to fill the space and provide some rebuttal. Where was Rahm or Chuck on this in the first day news cycle?  I think they partly wanted to watch Kerry suffer and expected this to just go away.  Now I don't think it should impact the elections, hopefully, but this is still a strategic error. When will people learn this is about controlling national narratives and we were painted as having weak leadership and being weak on defense by Bush and Turd Blossom once again.

Karl Rove treats national politics the same way he ran state races.  You don't let up on a story, if you get any traction you keep pounding it.  Why?  Because elections are about larger narratives being interwoven for voters.  It is about the part standing for the whole.  They know Kerry is seen by over half of the electorate as representing democrats as a whole and that by showing Kerry as unsymphathetic to our troops dems then become weak on defense and Iraq.  Not to mention the various Vietnam references that seem to poke out all over the place.

So now the president has the audacity or the guts now to show public support for Rumsfeld and the press is covering a leaked speech going to be given by the Cheney.  Since when did the president and cheney deserve to get their lame speeches to the republican base in podunkville televised?  Rove has stolen so much free television time and is trying to sure up support for the war once again.  

Now I just turn on the TV and tony snow is at it again, justifying the war and saying we are winning the war in Iraq.  I keep asking myself where are the dems?  Where were they the moment Kerry made the blunder and where was the correlated media strategy by the dems?  The republicans obviously had one.  

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Re: I've got to get this off my chest

...I keep asking myself where are the dems?...

Better yet, grasshopper, where are you? Have you volunteered to help out a campaign?

Sure, let's wring our hands that the republicans are talking about Iraq...

by Michael Bersin 2006-11-02 03:33AM | 0 recs
Re: I've got to get this off my chest

Of course I have, we helped defeat Ed Case out here in Hawaii.  If I wasn't stuck in the Pacific and in school I would do more.

by burroughs 2006-11-02 12:31PM | 0 recs


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