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    what does that mean?

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    field is hugely expensive as well, by the way, especially for a state as huge as California.

  • I would but I'm busy running an early voting GOTV phone bank from morning to night...........

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    good idea

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    We could......Not sure people will....

  • yeah, that kind of information is important.  Good question. Many "trends" or turns of events in campaigns can be explained by personality issues that arose, or local strengths and weaknesses that have little to do with issues or beliefs.

  • The Forgotten City is a soul stirring documentary taking place in Buffalo, New York exploring race relations, segregation, crime, and politics.  Through exclusive breathtaking footage and one-on-one interviews with many citizens and some of Buffalo's most influential leaders, The Forgotten City exposes the bitter truth about Buffalo and all inner cities.  It challenges stereotypes, encourages change and shakes up the status quo.  Buffalo was once a booming city; one of richest in the United States and is now a place where crime, racism and poverty plague a once great city.

    This film is a personal journey of two young filmmakers who forged an unlikely partnership following a 2001 murder; one a friend of the victim and the other a friend of the murderer.   Instead of waging war, they embarked on a documentary film project that would take them into the heart of Buffalo's most dispossessed communities and crime ridden streets.  The result of their exploration is a documentary film with a raw, hard-hitting, unblinking first-hand look at the way some of us really live in America.  This film brings to light the racial turmoil and economic hardships that have become the lifestyle of so many living in Buffalo's inner city.

    The Forgotten City, however, is not simply a film about the problems that plague Buffalo's inner city; it can easily be the story of any American city and is a film that everyone should see.

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    In my small WNY town, the community came together to defeat the Goliath Wal-Mart over a period of about 5 or 6 years, using funds out of their own pockets to hire lawyers to make sure they didn't build in or near the town. It's a conservative town, but people came together from across the spectrum for the sake of the history and culture and community of the area that would have been threatened by Wal-Mart.

    The town still leans pretty heavily Republican, but it is a moderate and community-minded area. I think that kind of thing is spreading.

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    dang, my whole post disappeared.

    First, go find the guys who made Forgotten City, linked above. It's about the extreme poverty in Buffalo, NY and the reasons why it's that way.

    Second, Buffalo is still a big labor town, and I think that still has a big influence on the area.  Economic issues are of such primary importance to Western New Yorkers that people like Brian Higgins, who is a bulldog fighter for local issues, really do well. My Republican parents both voted for him because he's fought battles to get funding for the waterfront development, for power and water rights, for a new Peace Bridge, all sorts of stuff. They LOVE him. Conservatives have made the mistake of running on issues like abortion which while there's a strong catholic community in the area, it just doesn't resonate given the extreme economic condition of the area. Economic growth, and SMART growth is of primary importance there.

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     "Forgotten City,"

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    Hey, if I were in town, I'd offer to put you up or take you out to meet some Buffalo people. Alas, I am far far away from WNY at the moment.

  • Yes, because that's what STATE PARTIES should be doing. It's the most appropriate place for it, less so with the DNC. Procedures and deadlines for early voting, absentee voting and voter registration differ in every state.  

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    I'm on a big campaign who has been active on Myspace and Facebook, and we've gotten not one single volunteer from those sources.  

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    Excellent post. Thank you for writing this. I wish you would cross post it at DKOS.

  • got a link to that info re: Hillary?


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