Happy Birthday Mitt

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It'd be nice if Gramps, Mitt, and Rudy would get together to celebrate Romney's 60th birthday today. Romney's big 6-0 got me thinking...

For kicks, this morning I went through the list of prezzies grabbing birthdates. I wanted to get a handle on the age range of the folks running for the WH, where they're coming, their capability to execute the office later down the road, that sorta thing, yadda yadda yadda. I've posted numbers for candidates' age at the time of the election, and when they might exit office following their potential 2nd term. Without further ado, on the GOP side:

CandidateBirthdateAge '08/ '17
GuilianiMay 28. 194464, 72
BrownbackSept. 12, 195652, 60
RomneyMarch 12, 194761, 69
HuckabeeAugust 24, 195553, 61
HunterMay 31, 194860, 68
HagelOct. 4, 194662, 70
PaulAugust 20, 193573, 81
TancredoDec. 20, 194562, 70
ThompsonNov. 19, 194167, 75
McCainAug. 29, 193672, 80

Between Gramps, Romney, and Guiliani the average age for GOP contenders at the end of a potential 2nd term comes to 73.5 years young.

On the Dem side of things:

CandidateBirthdateAge '08/ '17
ObamaAug. 4, 196147, 55
EdwardsJune 10, 195355, 63
ClintonOct. 26, 194761, 69
RichardsonNov. 15, 194760, 68
DoddMay 27, 194464, 67
KucinichOct. 8, 194662, 70
BidenNov. 20, 194265, 73
ClarkDec. 23 194463, 71
The average age for DEM contenders at the end of a potential 2nd term comes to 62 years young.

While I was looking up ages, a couple surprises hit me. First, I never realized that Dennis was one of the older candidates on our side of the primary. I was also surprised that the Dems didn't have any candidates from the 30's (the GOP has two, McCain and Paul). Also, I was intrigued by how old Guiliani is compared to the rest of the field. Maybe it's just me, but I think he's played his age down well...I've never thought of him as one of the older candidates in the field.

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Re: Happy Birthday Mitt

Is there a reason why McCain and Thompson are tabled along with the Dems, or is this an oops? :-)

by benny06 2007-03-12 09:55AM | 0 recs
Re: Happy Birthday Mitt
That's an oops. I had to fool with the table a few times. Fixed.
by BuckeyeStateBlog 2007-03-12 11:45AM | 0 recs


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