• Yes, those radical rascally republican want to actually cut the federal budget by a whopping 2 percent! Oh my , no more cowboy poetry.....what will we do.


    Wake up nimrod, we are facing a financial crisis and the only ones who wont face up to it and do something about it are the idiot liberals and socialists.......

  • I agree, like my grandparents did and millions of others have since, come here legally. Come, apply for the right to work or live here and than apply for citizenship. Coming across our borders illegally, using our services at taxpayers expense is not acceptable.

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    That both Franklin Roosevelt and George Meaney opposed collective bargaining by public sector unions right?

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    That both Franklin Roosevelt and George Meaney opposed collective bargaining by public sector unions right?

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    When Alec Baldwin suggested showing up at Henry Hyde's house and stoning him to death right? Fact is I can cite as many behaviors and statements on behalf of the left that could be construed as inciting or attempting to incite violence. My issue, is, the hard left and folks like you just dont see it in yourselves.....just everyone else.

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    Does this mean that the Discovery Channel shooter who was a hard core environmentalist, who cited Al Gore's book as some sort of inspiration, was he politically motivated. Is Al Gore to blame for this nutcase's psycotic demands and behavior.

    How does Laughner, someone who read and held beliefs found in the communist manifesto and mein kampf, a registered independent who didnt vote in 2010, be pegged as a right wing fanatic.

    Fact is, its all bullshit. Just another attempt by the liberal left wingnuts in the country to blame someone else for the rantings and behavior of a lunatic. When Bill Ayres was blowing up buildings, was that okay however?

    When Presidential candidate Obama made reference to bringing "guns" to the fight, referred to political opponents as enemies, was that okay?

    Claiming that conservative commentators, talk show hosts or politicans create some sort of violent behaviors is a total load of crap. And, its typical of the out of touch left wing of the democratic party that got us slaughtered in 2010 and likely again in 2012.

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    Abolishing the Department of Education. A bloated, beaurocratic mess, whose mere creation was opposed by liberals and conservatives alike. I vote for an immediate 10-15 percent reduction in the payroll of the federal government and a balanced budget amendment.

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    So what woudl you suggest tax rates be? Notably what shoudl tax rates for those at the top fo the tax bracket?

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    You want to start fixing this mess? Immediately shrink government. Cut the Government headcount by 10 percent to start. Those who are currently employed and earning more than $100k, cut their pay 10 percent. Stop providing defined benefit pensions in which employees are non contributory. The Federal government is bloated well beyond belief. Kill the Department of Education 

    The federal role in education is a violation of the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government delegated the power to regulate or fund elementary or secondary education. In general, the existence of the Department of Education is indicative of the growing size of government, far beyond what the Founding Fathers intended for the Executive Branch. However, several conservative critics have pointed out that the ED is even more illegal (and unnecessary) than many of the other Executive branches, since unlike regulating transportation (Department of Transportation) or the environment (Environmental Protection Agency), grade school education is not typically commercial or interstate.

    Even Democratic big-government liberal have admitted that the Department of Education is a failure.

    "This is a back-room deal, born out of a squalid politics. Everything we had thought we would not see happening to education is happening here.” Senator Patrick Moynihan (D-NY)

    “No matter what anyone says, the Department of Education will not just write checks to local school boards. They will meddle in everything. I do not want that.” Representative Pat Schroeder (D-CO)

    “A national Department may actually impede the innovation of local programs as it attempts to establish uniformity throughout the Nation.” Representative Joseph Early (D-MA)

    “We will be minimizing the roles of local and State education officials; we should recognize that the States are responsible for the education policies of the children in the is country.” Representative Shirley Chisholm (D-NY)


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    Well in the Northeast, for example, a familky of 4 earning $100,000 will just be making it. With property taxes hovering around $10k in many middle class communities, sales tax, income tax and the general cost of good and services, $100k is just getting by. It really depends where you live. In CT where we lived, $75K-$125k for a family of 4 is middle class. Here in OH where we are now, if you its more like $75-$110k......point is...someone earning $125K isnt rich. If you live in NYC you need more than that.

    I have a couple close friends who own small businesses. Their after tax income's average $200-230k. However thats not what they bank. In reality they end up using as sizeable chunk of that money to reinvest in their business and or expand year after year. If they suddenly were paying another $20k or $30k in taxes, thats one less employee, and so forth. I dont have an issue taxing someone earning $1 million dollars, but when you get to that $250k mark and below, your often talking about small business.

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    So called green jobs make up a very  very tiny part of the economy and job growth....Im tired of hearing about investing in green jobs. When we actually support and fund nuclear power plants, solar and wind plants and clean coal, maybe. But for now the crap that comes out of the democratic leadership is garbage, becuase they talk it but dont honestly support it.

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    What income levels would you define as middle class? For a single person, for a typical family of four?

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    Your are joking right? You cant possibly be serious?

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    The tax the wealthy mantra is just a another case of class warfare. If you ask someone who has less money if someone who has more to pay more, of course they say yes. Fact is, it has been studied to death, if you taxed everyone in the top tax brackers more, it still wouldnt balance the budget or pay off the debt. We dont have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. The government spends too much. We should cut the size of government, increase cost sharing of benefits for government employees and do away with defined benefit plans and transition to defined contribution plans. Taxpayer funded pensions are not sustainable and need to be made a thing of the past. Make everyone pay into social security and offer a defined contribution plan. Further lift the cap on SS earning so that everyone pays regardless of income. In regard to taxing higher earners that makes sense in terms of shoring up SS.

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    I can only offer what I saw. Went to vote at 11:30a, turnout was heavy for that time of the day. One of the folks at the polling place, said it seemed more like a Presidential election based upon the large early turnout.....


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