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    The guy really cares.  I've known him since before his election to the senate. (His home town was in the NC district I tried to represent) He's a good guy. He's working hard trying to win this, to represent all of the people. He's not just acting like he cares, or playing some kind of a role.

    Heck, David Bonier (the former House Democratic Majority Whip) is working for him.  David gave me money and I didn't have "a rats ass" of a chance to win the seat away from the republicans. Bonier really was as close to a "saint" that has ever been elected to congress.  He wouldn't be working for anyone less than the "real deal."

    If Edwards is guilty of anything ...it's of caring too deeply and of trying too hard!!!

    Its never wise to speculate about someone, or their personal motives. Always ask someone who knows them before making it up as you go along.

  • I believe some of it ...even here in the south.

    The immigrant workers work long and hard and are respected for their industry ...if nothing else.

    An earlier thread talked about using language to define politics.  Conservative vs Liberal.  This is an example of where language may help or has helped us.  

    In the south, conservative is a codeword for biggot, as much as liberal is for tolerance.  Immigrants know the conservative republicans are biggots.  We should from now on always use the words "biggot conservative" or "conservative biggot" when referring to these people.

    After all the republicans southern strategy was to code conservative with their underlying biggotry.

    I personally like "damned conservative biggot," myself

  • When his name comes up as the congressman that brought "concentration camps" to America.
    It won't be so good that he reminded the people, of that!
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    This is where- when the President grabs any state's National Guard, and he can send it to any other state to round up any group or individual (even United States citizens) he declares to be  "enemy combatants" under the broad powers just given to him and to the Sec. of Defense by the republican congress.

    He can now have the detainees taken by that Guard unit to one of the many new facilities which have just been built all around the country. These facilities are called "domestic detention camps."

    The detainees can be held there, indefinitely, without access to a lawyer.  In the domestic detention camp, they further can be subjected to torture and then be tried and convicted on evidence that was gleaned from that torture.

    At no point can anyone challenge the designation of "enemy combatant," nor can they petition for a release under habeas corpus.

    These really sound like "Concentration Camps" to me.  Chilling!!!  

    How sad we have fallen into stalinist ways.  How soon is it 'till 2008?

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    Fifty dollars each for Rory Blake and Roger Sharpe.

    North Carolina will be a swing state this year.

    Congressman/woman Coble, and Foxx are not effective  for the district even under republican control.
    (Google these turkey's  ...they are awful...)  

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    This is NC-06...

    I still think that NC will be the big "swing" state in this election.  Thirty-five other states have Diebold machines, and 6 others eliminate democratic voters with "picture ID" laws.  This leaves NC as one of just nine states with a good chance of all the votes being counted.

    NC-08, NC-11, NC-06, and NC-05 will all toss-out their republican incumbents in this election.  This leaves eleven more seats needed in the other 8 "fair election" states to take control of the House.

    Getting rid of Coble is a good start!!!

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    "appropriating funds for races in which they might be able to catch a Republican incumbent wholly unprepared for a real challenge the Democrats would actually be limiting their ability to retake the House."  If DCCC were to put only $50K into NC-06 or NC-05, the sleeze-ball republican would loose. It's a Sure Thing! They are not expecting any competition, nor are they planning any TV. They're saving their money to buy influence in the 110th  congress ...a congress in which they think they'll still control things.

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    North Carolina has always been a key swing state. The campaigns in NC-11 and NC-08 are running quite well.

    NC-05 is getting some attention.  The newest seat in-play is NC-06.  Both of these races are frankly underfunded and could put this kind of money to good use!

    Bush spent the day, today, in NC-06, in Guilford and Randolph Counties.  Greensboro (in Guilford County) is home to many bloggers ...and is also the home of Howard Coble the 75 year old, 11 term incumbent.  Why would Bush come here?

    Coble was seen as "Unbeatable" and was seldom challenged.  Bush "won" NC-06 with 70% of the vote in 2004. Who (with any sense) would challenge in that district?

    We have quite a good candidate, thank you.  Our candidate, Rory Blake, has got ol' Congressman Coble on the run. (google him) Coble is so "out of shape." Blake leads in Print media endorsements and is more in tune with the anti-war sentiment of the district.  Coble, himself, is now saying the war was "badly handled."

    Wouldn't it be nice to win in a district like this?  
    Turnout is the key.  So far, democratic applications for absentee ballots lead the republican ballot applications by a wide margin.

    Let's encourage the unopposed House Democrats to send a little love this way.  NC-05 and NC-06 both have congressional representitives who vote far to the right of their constituants. That said, the democratic candidates, Sharpe and Blake have so closed the gap between them and the incumbents, with so little money spent, it just shows the potential that is there.

  • Thanks for this analysis.

    Generals are always fighting the last war, as it were.  However, the Foley matter and the forthcoming book, exposing G. Bush as someone who would mock christians and call them names behind their backs, changes everything.  Evangelicals in NC who supported Bush in 2004 are not going to stand for this.  Foley had them staying home.  This revelation will have them actually pulling the levers for democrats.

    In 2006 North Carolina, while undergoing this extreme transistion, has other things in our favor.  This election ...is what is called (around here) a  "Blue Moon" election.  In blue moon elections, trends are magnified. The last blue moon election was in 1994, but in the last blue moon election, the parties are reversed.  In the blue moon election, The congressional races are all that is on the top of the ballot. We have no senate or governor or other state-wide partisan races in NC, in 2006.  In 1994, because of the amplification of trends during such races, the republicans feasted. This time,  Democrats are almost certain to pick-up at least two congressional districts, NC-11 and NC-08.

    Two other districts, NC-06 and NC-05 don't have the democratic performance of NC-11 and NC-08, but they have something almost better.  Registration that is almost 3:2 Non-Republicans.  NC-06 and NC-05 both  have a great number of persuadable voters, as well as, an overwhelming population of born again and evangelical christians.  These people will vote this election, IF WE ASK THEM.

    Wins in these four districts, will put NC back into pre-1994 shape.  The media markets are very inexpensive here.  We just need to support the very fine candidates running for these seats.

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    Way to go, Jerry!

    The Foley scandal was particularly bad for the NC republican members of congress. It is a scandal that is particularly troublesome to people of faith.

    When news of Bush's "using and making fun of evangelical christians" reaches the people ...Not only will religious support ...just not go to the republicans  ...it may, instead, go to the democrats.

    Religious principle is important to the voters in NC. Moral issues and civil/legal/criminal issues like torture, justice and freedom are important to these people.  They'll realize that they were duped into supporting Bush in 2004. North Carolinians are proud, strong and independent people.  I'd think they'ld want to get even by supporting ALL of the North Carolina democratic congressional candidates this year.

    The Bush approval numbers in NC-5 and NC-6 are way below the 2004 numbers.  NC-5 and NC-6 might have low democratic performance, but they have much higher persuadibles than either NC-11 or NC-8.  With a little luck, and some extra time on your part, you could win them all.

    Good luck!

    You may be on the road for the next few weeks!
    ...But in the end, you'll have a substantially democratic congressional delegation to show for it!

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    I'm in a district in North Carolina that votes democratic in the cities and republican in the rural areas.  The NC 6th is almost 3:2 non-republican by registration ...almost 60% Non-Republican. It is roughly 30% unaffiliated, 30% democratic, and 40% republican.  Most of the unaffiliated were formerly democrats by registration.

    Evangelical churches are big here ...and the republican party relies on them for voter turnout.

    The incumbent, Howard Coble has not been seriously challenged in years.  He is a 75 yo. confirmed batchelor and a Presbyterian. He was first elected in 1984 and reelected in 1986 by only 81 votes.

    The democrat is Rory Blake, a 55 yo. retired pharmacist and small businessman with a wife and 2 kids.  He is making headway, but has little money.

    The Foley thing, on christian radio (which is really cheap to advertise on, here) might be just the thing to keep the evangelicals away from the republicans ...and maybe one or two will tell their friends and the democrat may get a vote or two.  

    Anyway, this could be a seat that can be picked-up for little or no money.   Google congressman Coble...the guy is a piece of .......work!

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    The bill passed by the house, allows ANYONE to be designated as an "Enemy Combatant" at the whim of the president. Even American citizens can essentially be "disappeared" under this act.

    ANYTHING passed by the senate will include this in the conference report.

    Howard Coble, in his position as chairman of the Judiciary committee on homeland security, pushed through an appropriation of 481 million dollars for building domestic detention camps. That's right: DOMESTIC detention camps.

    This is the same Howard Coble that is on record as having favored the detention of Japanese Americans during WWII. "It was for their own good;" he said. (google his record)

    I wondered at the time about the domestic detention camps. Now, I don't need to wonder. What many, in the past, have chalked-up to racial bigotry, now seems to be revealed as an overwhelming belief in "social stability." After all, no society is more "stable" than a police state.

    Soviet practices such as this drove the "cold war" of the 1950's. Americas HATED the Soviets and Stalinism. Nixon rose to power teaching Americans to FEAR the communist system and loss of freedom.

    But that was the republican party of then. This is the republican party of today.

    These camps are for you and me.

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    That reminds me of my stock answer.

    Republican lies are protected by the first ammendment  ....its the damn stealing I get mad about!

  • It is easy to see why rural Nevada residents love Jack Carter.  They know all about the city slickers. They've seen it all ...literally! They ain't easily impressed.  
    These are the right kind of folks, honest, hard working and independent, as hell!

    If Jack can earn their trust, he can earn every one of ours!  Ensign hasn't got a chance in November. Their loyalty is now to Carter...and they mean it!  For him to be trusted to represent them is a genuine honor ...and I mean that!

  • John Ensign had great rural Nevada support in 2000.
    Friends, it ain't there today.  Carter has spent the time, early in the campaign in the right place...the rural areas.  People in these areas HATE Bush!

    Carter has a GREAT chance!!!


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