RNC WORRIED about Demonstrators

Hundreds already detained under pure "preemptive strike" propaganda, THOUSANDS of arrests expected by the Sheriff.

"This isn't the way we do things in St. Paul," St. Paul council member Dave Thune told Twin Cities Daily Planet. "I don't want the city to get sucked into something that the sheriff's office is concocting."

"I'm disappointed, to say the least,""Targeting political organizers in a pre-emptive strike is a tactic from the '60s. This country is better than that." reactions of council member Gary Schiff.

http://www.minnesotaindependent.com/6292 /pre-rnc-police-raids-reporters-notebook

http://www.minnesotaindependent.com/6158 /breaking-food-not-bombs-house-among-sat urday-raids

http://www.minnesotaindependent.com/1597 /sheriff-anticipates-arresting-thousands -during-2008-rnc

http://www.minnesotaindependent.com/6151 /protesters-meeting-space-raided-by-rams ey-county

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Re: RNC WORRIED about Demonstrators

A better title - RNC worried about a bunch of people voting against them.

by bushsucks 2008-08-31 02:21PM | 0 recs


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