Here's a strategy for Bush...

Perhaps I'm watching too much television, but Bush's constant reiteration of the "if we pull out of Iraq, they will follow us home" line (which he just did again at the  VFW convention today) started me thinking about a strategy he is ignoring.

If we are so sure that Al Q. is just sitting there waiting for us to head back to the country they despise so much for its freedom, then we must know something about their plans. Certainly, Bush has access to secret confidence information about Osama's meetings with his planning team on how they intend to do this "following." Otherwise, why would he keep making this fear-inducing statement?

So, If we know how they plan to follow us, why don't we approach it like Dr. House approaches a hard-to-pinpoint disease: instead of keeping up the medication, he let's the patient get sicker, then the disease is clear and he can go in and kill it. In that sense, Bush should bring the troops home, but secretly use that tactic to lay a trap for the Arab terrorists and when they follow us, we'll be ready and we'll jump them as they arrive!

Of course, if they don't follow us home and we sit and wait for them to do so, the side effect will be a safe country. Gee, we don't want to do that, do we? Better to keep our troops over there where they can slowly be exhausted by extended stays and gradually be picked off by IEDs in a, what do you call it?, civil war?

This "setting a trap" strategy seems so obvious... I guess Bush doesn't watch TV.

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Summer is ending... a good time to let Politicians know what we think.

Supposedly, while they are on their summer recess, politicians are not just vacationing, but are mixing it up with their constituents. This is when we get the chance to confront them face-to-face (if we frequent the same vacation areas) and let them know what we think of their performance since the 2006 election.

Now, if they are not out trying to become President, perhaps they might actually pay attention to how we feel about their effectiveness, say, in ending the Iraq war. Or improving the economy for those of us clinging with our worn nails to what's left of the middle class. Or in monitoring the wastefulness of an Administration that pays millions for a couple of screws.

I look forward to the Greenbelt Labor Day Parade. There, at one session, I have a 99% likelihood of encountering Steny Hoyer, who is my Representative, and Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin, who are my Senators, as they shake hands in the crowd and present their backs to be patted. I'm not sure that back pats are in order this time.

As they focus on hustling us, we have to focus on hustling them more. Many of my fellow citizens are planning on joining the September 11th work stoppage as a means of making a statement to our Government representatives. I somehow think confronting them directly has more appeal. At least you can see their facial expressions (well-trained as they may be) when you express your displeasure.

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Fed Up With TV Debates... Give Kucinich More Time!

I've heard enough from Hillary, Barack and John... Now I want to hear more Dennis. It's time for the politicians-only candidates (Dodd, Biden) to drop out. Time for the VP seekers (Richardson) to drop out. Time for the doesn't-stand-a-chance-in-hell candidate (Gravel) to drop out.

I've heard so much from the top three... but never anything really straight. They can talk around a subject like no one's business. Sure, we could have a first time black or woman President. I'm in favor of a first time, non-photogenic, short and ugly but honest and direct President.

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Did you know you can tell a terrorist by facial expression?!

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security is breaking in a new program in Florida airports where trained observers are watching for facial expressions and body language on passengers showing signs of disgust and aggravation. This is a new method for identifying potential terrorists on flights and it goes up there with larger than 3 oz shampoo bottles and removal of shoes.

What I'd like to know is, given our current practices in airport security, who doesn't look aggravated or disgusted after waiting in hours of lines, being searched and re-searched, semi-stripping and shoe removal, etc.? I know I do... and now, if I fly out of Florida, I'm just as likely to be picked as a potential terrorist.

I probably look thirsty because I can't carry a decent=sized water bottle while I'm waiting in a hot line. That's aggravating enough. Couple that with the decline in service (which the new Virgin USA has spotted as a competitive weak point in our air carriers) at the airport and we're going to be discovering terrorists everywhere.

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What is the Real Report on Iraq?

As we wait for the (highly predictable) Petraeus Report in September, it is the group of reports coming in from insiders, politicians and news people that make the future look even grimmer than previously imagined.

Example: Generals in Iraq are predicting that, in order to hold things together while the country is worked out politically we will probably have to stay there for nine or ten years...

Example: Everything that happens in the Iraqi Civil War is labeled as "Al Quaeda" by our government... and the TV and news reporters just repeat it without investigation...

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The Divider is leaving the Government...

Karl "The Divider" Rove, who gave us radically decided politics on all levels and helped George Bush destroy the country and his own party, is leaving office to spend "more time with his family."

And good riddance.

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"Big Government " they scream... But what do they mean?

Watching the Republican Straw Poll speeches after watching the last couple of Democratic forums, posed some basic differences in what the parties seem concerned with. Democrats push ending the war, promoting universal health care, rolling back tax cuts on the rich and expanded civil rights for all... including gays. Republicans stress cutting taxes, cutting the size of "Big Government", cutting taxes, fencing out illegal aliens, cutting taxes, building up the military and cutting taxes.

When they say "Big Government" is what they intend to get rid of, they plan to do it by cutting welfare programs, reducing medicare and medicaid, "reforming" Social Security, and eliminating the IRS in favor of a 23% "fair tax" (a sales tax on just about everything which will really screw the poor).

By ending "Big Government", therefore, they mean eliminating government responsibility.

The Republicans talk about "family values", which means limited rights for gays and lesbians who, after all, choose to be what they are. They avoid talking about Iraq as they avoid talking about Bush and his administration which they have a party commitment to. They wave the flag whenever it looks like they should actually talk about the real issues, like our frustrated economy and our debt to China and the disappearance of jobs to that nation, India and others.

But take responsibility for our problems? Not on your petunia!

If Americans really listen and weigh the issues with the candidates' plans and promises, they will opt for "Government Responsibility" and ignore the attacks on "Big Government", which, by their support of Bush, they have only made bigger since the Democrats left office.

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Religion gets in the way...

There is plenty of commentary as the country's earliest presidential campaign roars ahead on race and gender and whether they stand in the way of getting elected. Despite all of this Hillary and Barack appear to be generating both support and money and are likely, one or the other, to be the next President of the United States.

That, to me, is a wonderful change in American thought. That race and gender should no longer matter and merit can be the deciding factor is a great step forward in civilization.

Then, last night while listening to the Gay and Lesbian Presidential Forum, it dawned on me that the real wall which stands in the way of an intelligent civilization is religion. The question on "gay marriage" was raised with each of the six challengers (Dodd and Biden were not there due to "scheduling conflicts" -- yeah, right!) and the responses we got have to be weighed against the state-by-state arguments currently going on.

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