The Deathmonger

Having such a long run-up to the Presidential nominations (which, by the way, includes this push to earlier primaries) is a disastrous and divisive situation for America. The focus it puts on arguing over persons as opposed to problems makes it that much easier for a corrupt and dangerous administration like that of George W. Bush to get away with  pure murder.

I watch as the kid who enjoyed killing frogs for fun, the Governor who broke records for state executions (with the help of his buddy Gonzales), and the President who created a war in Iraq through lies and misdirection to bring on the deaths of some of our youngest and brightest squeezes the last ounce of enjoyment out of his god-like control over lives. It is hard to endure.

Now Bush and Gonzales are trying to get the policy changed on executions of Federal prisoners who are sentenced to death to eliminate their chance to appeal. As President, he has not had the same opportunity to hold that life and death decision over that one category of individuals and it must be making him ache inside.

And we put our attention more to which of the 14 or 15 potential candidates from either side  can sort out the mess of the world and ignore the Emperor of Death who spies on, arrests and tortures people without the protection of habeas corpus, letting and unknown number die in secret prisons or at Gitmo. How do we ignore this?

I'm tired of death everywhere. I'm tired of violence as the American way. And I'm tired of a President who makes it our National Image (while hiding behind the face of  seeming incompetence and idiocy).

November of 2008 cannot come soon enough.
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