The biggest danger of the early campaign...

It is now a very long time before the Democratic and Republic National Conventions, and the dates for the primaries are now set to be earlier than ever. By the time Labor Day rolled around, the candidates had already had a handful of debates and had been attacking the media for several months.

All of this emphasis on the early campaign is forming a release valve of sorts for the concern of the public. We are already encouraged to push one candidate or another and we spend less time watching the substantial issues of war and economics which the Bushies are actively pursuing.

More time is spent watching New Hampshire and Iowa right now than watching what is happening relative to Iran, for instance. We will hear Petraeus' report on Iraq and, believe it or not, it will include something about Iran as the supplier of terrorists and weapons. Iran will be necessary to add the twinge of added fear to a fear dominated war strategy.

Our Senatorial candidates will not be carrying out their overview of the Administration because they are more concerned with getting nominated. This is particularly troublesome in the case of Dodd, who we really depend on to debate foreign policy, and Clinton and Obama, who represent major states, are not focused on Washington, either.

Let's face it... the press is distracted enough with Wide Stance Larry and the White House resignations of minor characters... when you add it to the campaigns, they're not watching the pending creation of an Iran conflict, either.

Perhaps it is not too late to veer toward impeachment - as long as it is of BOTH Bush and Cheney - as a method not of getting them out of office, but to keep them occupied instead of aimed at Iran.

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Re: The biggest danger of the early campaign...

The impact of distracted elected officials and an electorate that is paying more attention to campaign packaging than real issues is dead on.

While this is the best argument that I have heard for impeachment, it still falls far short of convincing.  We have a well-wounded lame-duck president and a country poised to vote deeply Democratic.  Impeachment would hurt us and help them.  At this point I think that most Repubs would rather go into November 2008 w/o Bush Chaney.

by Hugh Stearns 2007-09-04 12:05PM | 0 recs


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