Dear Mr. President:

I don't know if you get to read incoming e-mail. I doubt it, as I know the value of your time in running the country and still finding some room for your wife, children and dog. However, I would like to offer you a couple of points from my not-so-unique position as an unemployed American with two college degrees who worked on your campaign steadily for many months last year... and who is now getting more and more disappointed in your progress, or lack thereof.

"Progress" is the key word here. The expectation of so many of us who walked from door to door or sealed and sent mailing pieces or stood at intersections waving signs instead of going home to our families in the evening was that your Presidency, tied with the majorities for the Democratic Party in both Houses of Congress, would bring us out of the fiscal slurry that the Bush Administration had sunk our lower extremities in. Oh, I know you have made accomplishments... that somehow you and Bernanke saved us from a Depression with a fairly hideous Recession, that you started a process to close Gitmo and began making buddies again with the rest of the world. I know all of that.

What I can't understand is why, after the huge effort you put into the election campaign making us all convinced you were a Progressive Hope for all of us, you have really become a mostly talk and let others do the action kind of guy. I speak specifically about Rahm Emanuel, who seems to really run the domestic policies that are fed out to the Congress,  about Tim Geithner and the rest financial service types who made sure their industry was protected first while your small voters, who could not commit the millions in campaign bucks that you seem all too willing to sell us off for, cut down on their grocery shopping and debated the best way to come up with their kids' tuition over mortgage payments, and about the Military's need to keep us involved in the most unnecessary confrontation anyone could imagine, making our international debt so huge that even words don't describe it.

I can't understand why the Health Care deals where made with the Pharmaceutical companies and the lobbyists from the Insurance industry, and the Liebermans and Nelsons and  other bought and paid for types, and not with the cast majority of people who elected you...people who once thought there was a chance at a single-payer solution to Health Care and who continued to think they would still get an advantage with the now vanished Public Option.

We thought you wanted to change things.

Instead, you have worked yourself into a sticky and overgrown corner where just getting out is nearly impossible. While it is possible that you might reevaluate the situation before the Fall and the 2010 Congressional elections start and get into the fray yourself (and, frankly, tell your current policy wonks to listen to the people who elected you OR ELSE), the reality seems to be that all the changes we had hoped for have been sidelined by the most controllable of uncontrollable things.

I hope you had a chance to watch, or listen to, or at least read a transcript of Bill Moyers' Journal from the 18th of the month (and one that had not been edited by your staff to remove the highlights that they are most involved in). If not, I think you should note that the first half of the program is something is something that you should pay close attention to. It's called "Is Washington For Sale?" and it features some very clear words from Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone and Economist Robert Kuttner. You can see it on line at 09/watch.html, if you are able to get on line. I hope you can. Hell, you're the President. Call PBS and ask them to send you a DVD!

It is so important that you become aware of what the community of Americans, who gave the government to you and the Congress not so long ago, think. All our futures are tied together, but you have your hand on the knot.


Bill Tchakirides
Under The LobsterScope
Shepherdstown, WV

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Re: Hubba-Hubba!

Sorry to disappoint you, Ludwig. I'm a Connecticut boy who spent other parts of his life in Chicago, NYC and Cape Cod. I've been a Shepherdstown resident for a little under 2 years now... attracted here by the Contemporary American Theater Festival, which is distinctly multiracial and the pride of our community.

Hope I haven't disappoimted you.

by btchakir 2009-12-27 10:46AM | 0 recs
Re: Hubba-Hubba!

OIC, so it is only the people who have lived there all their lives who are ignorant racists?  That explains it.

by TeresaInPa 2009-12-28 06:08AM | 0 recs

Dear Mr. President Barak Obama,

First off thank you for all that you have done to help save the country from the mess it was left in by the Republican Party. I appreciate you doing many things like forcing a vote on health care reform and making government more transparent to citizens. It is very important that what happens in government for the people to be viewed by the people. I hope eventually that lobbyist money and lifelong appointments to Congress and the Senate become a thing of the past. Some people just seem to live forever in office.

For some that is good, for many that is an inexcusable detriment to society. I also see what happens when government goes unchallenged in doing better than the status quo. I see the billions spent on wars and wish it was spent on people within our country who suffer in poverty and quality of education such as in Utah. I want the spending on gang and drug deterrence in children to be a priority. I also hope that you reinvigorate the spending for national security starting on the street with Law Enforcement, and public safety in general.
I request that you increase the requirements for public school children to help keep them out of gangs and substance abuse, violence.

I see the mess that government was in prior to your inauguration and I see also the many things that still need to be improved upon. I give you a high five for an outstanding job done so far considering how bad the economy and Wall Street had become prior to your election.

I have been in college for more than 5 years as a white working class member of society. I have worked multiple jobs and gone without health care coverage for most of my lifetime. I was raised an upper class child of prosperity. I lived doing without anything. Upon my marriage and subsequent later life I went without most of the quality things that I was acquainted with. These things were simple, the ability to go to a dentist or doctor, or specialist without concern. Life changed for me a lot after moving out of my parents' home.

Working multiple jobs at the same time just too financially survives, and trying to slowly complete college was a huge burden. I have worked for too many employers with low quality or unaffordable health coverage. I can prove that I was lucky to stay healthy and not have any pre existing conditions, I do not smoke either. Most of my life I have been without insurance. I also cannot provide insurance to my daughter who now lives with her mother. I can suffer but it is not fair to my daughter and her quality of life.
I live in Utah but do not ski. The reason for example that I do not ski, is simple if I fall down and break a leg or hit a tree I do not have any health coverage.

I applaud your efforts also in promoting equality for all in the United States which are citizens. I am a gay male and not currently equally treated in society. I applaud the City of Salt Lake for passing non discrimination bill towards employment and housing. I can easily legally document my employment discrimination in the past based upon my sexuality. I am outspoken in all aspects of the gay rights movement. I will quickly call out all who opposed gay rights, gay equality. I also remember that I am not the only one discriminated on in this country. For politicians that make ugly black baby comments and other comments they too are called out for being bigots and haters. I also call out those who generalize all into one lump category and promote hate.  

President Barak Obama, I request that you repeal the Military don't ask tell policy DOMA, many of my friends are past military and are gay. Many of my friends are currently LGBT and serving proudly.

I request that you work on federal hate crime enforcement and expansion. I request that you work to the best of your ability to increase the quality of life for all in America by advancing equality for all citizens.

I wish you the very best in longevity and a wonderful life with your family and friends.

Best Regards!
2nd Class Citizen in Utah
Sundance Film Festival 2010 WIG OF SHAME to be worn showcasing all who opposed gay rights

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Re: Hubba-Hubba!

only the ones who were for Hillary...that includes those of us who live in PA too.

by TeresaInPa 2009-12-28 06:07AM | 0 recs
when a president chooses his COS, he chooses the person closest to him in politics, someone he trusts and agrees with.  Before the election he kept Rahm hidden deep deep in the back of his closet.  His choice of Emanuel tells you all you need to know about him that I can not believe you did not see before the primaries if not during.
Obama has no political compass except the one that points to his own ascension to power.  
by TeresaInPa 2009-12-28 06:13AM | 0 recs


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