• Actually genius I did. It was in Ohio and I'm a registered Democrat. 

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    I cant believe I was dumb enough to think about voting for this  for this guy again in 2012. i wont get fooled again. This healthcare bill is trash, and a large chunk of the stimulus bill still hasnt been spent. The loan modification program has been a spectacular failure. I can only imagine what the climate change bill will would look like once Nelson and Lieberman are done getting through with it. Who knew it would be this hard to get decent legislation passed when there is a Democratic Senate, House and ....President?

    As for Harry Reid, chances are that he wont be Majority leader for much longer after the 2010 election. 

  • Right now I feel as though that HCR bill is a worse than the Bush tax cuts and which will help far fewer Americans and I never thought I would say that.

    The main point of the bill for most Americans is preexisting condition clause, but since there is no complementary requirement forcing insurance companies to actually pay for the medical care, the bill forces consumers to be left holding the bag with thousands of dollars in health care expenses.

    Not to mention that the bill is anti-choice (nelson compromise) and there will most likely be weak enrollment and that most Americans still get insurance from their employers and that there is no public expansion. 

    This is NOT universal healthcare. I really think some Democrats are just fascinated with the idea of HCR similar to what Republicans have with tax cuts, tort reform and missile defense. 

  • I truly hope Reid loses. The healthcare bill should have been part of the budget and he caved to Nelson and Lieberman. Why is a ultra conservative the majority leader of Senate Democrats?? Heres hoping for Chuck Schumer in 2011

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    As a member of the team, it's time to stop the criticism of Obama, forget about the public option, and push progressive ideas in a way that is not likely to produce another ideological battle.

    You call yourself a progressive? LBJ would have been disgusted to see almost a trillion dollars of taxpayer money spent to subsidize health insurance companies. Weak consumer protection and no requirement that companies actually pay for anything. KILL THE BILL!

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    I look forward to losses in 2010 and 2012. Once again, we will wonder what went wrong? A waste pf tax dollars and no consumer protection does not equal "healthcare reform". I guess the only way the party learns to get better is by losing, so be it.

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    I dont believe in God....but THANK YOU JESUS!!

    lol, best news Ive heard in a long time. I wasnt thrilled with the House Bill, but at least it was acceptable, the Senate Bill is nothing more than a blank check to the healthcare industry WITH loopholes to screw over consumers.  

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    What are you talking about? The bill passed by the House is much better than the Blue Cross Blue Shiled/Cigna Subsidy of 2009 Bill in the US Senate. Just attach the healthcare to the budget reconciliation process in the Senate.

    Problem Solved.

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    Anti abortion Democrats.......why do we have those idiots with us?

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    Living in Ohio doesnt suck so bad right now! Good luck with that ultra conservative NJ.

    Jon Corzine for Treasury Secretary!!

  • Some students still base their decisions on these rankings. That sounds stupid but its true, especially competiton between state schools. My school actually moved up three spots, so I have nothing to complain about.  

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    What is healthcare legislation without a public option?
    Answer: nothing!

    If you are going to do something, do it right or dont do it at all. Democrats are going to be blamed for the failure of this legislation, and lets face it: it will be a failure without a system in place for the growing number of uninsured Americans and rising healthcare costs. In the real world, there is no such thing as a marketplace, there are only rising premiums, copays, deductible and more BS.

    I think this is my first post in over 6 months on any political blog. God damn Blue Dogs and weak Democrats. This is what I get for voting straight Democratic down ticket?

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    Obama needs a better communications team to fight back against BS like this.

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    Too early. If the Republican wins the Special Election in NY, this guy keeps his job. Either way its a win-win situation for us, no matter what happens. One reason that he might keep his job is Republicans dont want to look like they are kicking out the only African American in the party.

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    Ben Nelson is a Joe Lieberman Democrat. God only knows what this guy stands for. Republican in sheep's clothing.


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