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    Defense of the Vote or Freedom to Vote or Voter Reforms. I think the real concerns should be transparency, and making certain we have a system legitimate in fact rather than by legitimate by speculation from either side of the divide.
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    b/c people have been too busy trying to convince themselves that the vote was legitimate rather than do the due dilligence of investigating to make certain that it actually was legitimate. But, I maybe just being cynical.
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    the Greens efforts and helpamericarecount.org (the later I got from Air America)
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    Does this include the absentee ballots or are these calculated at a later day (I understand people could still mail them in by Nov 2)
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    I find arguments about the popular v. electoral college wins completely unacceptable. I didn't agree with it with Gore.  For those on the left saying well he did when the popular vote, I responded then, and I respond now- so what? That's not our system. If you don't like it- get the supermajority of Congress and state legislature to amend the Constitution. Otherwise, it's an intellectual argument, but not accoring to the rules our system plays by. Both Dems and Reps should understand this. Finally, I am going to be a bit rude here, but and please forgive me, but I am tired of people lacking a backbone. Being afraid to grab hold of risk, and win is what defines the Dems right now. I am not able to deal with commentaries like yours anymore because I find them lacking in anything that approaches fearlessness leadership. Like or dislike Bush and Rove and Co., they aren't fearful, and take risks. If Kerry wins the electoral college, I don't care what the American people think about it. They will get over it or amend the Constitution- either way the Dems win.
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    May I suggest a book that at first doesn't seem like its about politics, but that has everything to do with telling a narrative in the way that people have been doing forever, The Hero Has Thousand Faces, a book by Campbell. As liberals are trying to figure out how to talk about themselves, I believe this book will be useful in a non academic sense.
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    The gender gap also worked in reverse. The gap for men who voted for a Republican v. a Dem strink as well. It's just that the strinkage for women was larger. And, Brook and Sullivan aren't interested in these issues. They are strawmen. Their thesis is that it was the "liberals" who did this to them. It's once again the moderates (if you want to call them that) not taking responsibility or holding the radical wing of their party accountable. Its how they keep the coalition going. It's worked for 25 years now. Over the next decade, that argument as they (the Republican Party) retains power will dim considerably.  I wrote this somewhere else, the worse thing that could happen to the Republicans was to win this election with Bush as the voice of the party. The Christian Right and the more radical economic conservatives will want their pound of flesh. Anyone doubting this should take heed of the rejuvenation of Jerry Falwell. Anyone not getting this is fooling themselves.
  • This is precisely what I am concerned about- the replacement of truly fair and balance news that affects local people in diferent communities with right wingers who don't care about the people in these communities. The idea that we can change anything through this wall of media saturation is I believe wrong. One can not expect any candidate to get his point across or any progressive policy fairly evaluated in this context. It's simply not going to happen.  The fact Kerry had to wait until the debate to get out who he truly was versus what the machine at the local, state and federal level of media coverage was saying should not be an acceptable reality to anyone wanting to create change. We simply can not wait until they decide to let us speak and on their terms.
  • Can you provide more details on this by contacting me at redstatepurplestatenews@yahoo.com- Thank you.
  • One of the reasons why I am putting this out is to do precisely what you are suggesting. This association is still in development. I have been trying to contact as many of the opinion leaders on the blogsphere to get this ball rolling as possible. I am an attorney, but I can't do this alone. The reality is that we can't keep waiting until the election year to advance progressive ideas in the red and purple zones of the country. By that point, it is too late because for the rest of the time all these regions are often hearing is a relentless conservative agenda that distorts our agenda and hypes theirs. My goal with this is to restore the balance that has been loss over the last 25 years.
  • If Richardson were VP we would take NM and several other states with heavy latino populations- Latinos aren't a monolith (different groups like Cubans, PR, Mexican etc), but saying all that- it would be a powerful message.
  • I dont want her on the ticket AT ALL. She's a lightening rod and not doesn't even rep where the party needs to go.
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    Hillary Clinton would be a BIG BIG BIG (did I mention) BIG MISTAKE
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    Thank you for saying this. I think a lot of liberals suffers from what my friend calls Americanitis- black/white or yes/no analysis. It maybe that is part of being partisan. But, I do agree that these questions: do we attack conservatism or build of liberalism are false choices. The answer is we must both definite liberalism positively, and destroy conservatism as a positive.
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    One tag on: 9) Provisions for machines/polling places so that no one has to wait in line longer than an hour due to attempts to supress the vote through long lines  or by polling places that are out of the way(people do have jobs, and the whole- well, let's have a national holiday doesn't work, if you need the money to feed your family- sometimes I think people for get that not everyone can just take a day off unless they are being paid for it).


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