Chevron Header ad?

I opened MYDD just now, and b/c I wan't logged I got a header ad for, get this, CHEVRON.

Very distrubing treand.  Is the progressive blogoshere cashing in on the corporate teat?

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Talkin' trash

Well the first round is over of the NCAA's is over, and I'm doing pretty freakin' well in the MyDD Madness, I must say.  My Reverie Blue Devils are in 2nd place, 20pts out of first, with 14 of my sweet 16 and all of my elite eight intact.

How's everyone else doing?

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Eminent Domain and the Brooklyn Arena

An audible groan could be heard on Thursday amongst the opponents of the Brooklyn Nets arena and development debacle courtesy of Bruce Ratner (aka C.M. Burns) and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz (aka Mayor Quimby), when the supreme court ruling on Eminent Domain was handed down by the so-called liberal coalition of the court.

Bad enough that media whore Markowitz and billionaire-soon-to-be multi-billionaire Ratner have managed to run an end-run around New York's City Council (yes, the local goverment of a city of 8 million will have no say in the if/ how/why the debacle is planned/executed/funded), but now we have the 'liberal' justices on the court giving Ratner, Wal-Mart, Ikea, and just about anybody who has enough money to buy off a local election or local politician free reign to destroy your home or business.

Well, I'm mad, and I'm not going to take it anymore....

Time for a constitutional ammendment baring Eminent Domain abuse for corporate interests (and restrictions on Eminent Domain abuse for government public use as well).  

It's also time for a new Brooklyn Borough President.  No democrat or republican has stepped forward to challenge Markowitz, so a Green candidate has.  Go meet Gloria Mattera, and while you're there, drop a dime in the slot (with the usual penny added), especially if you are an NYC resident, as your donation (up to $250) will be matched by the NYC campaign finance board 4-to-1 if she reaches $50,000 in matchable donations.

Donate to the Cobb Ohio Recount fund

Green candidated David Cobb announced yesterday that he and Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian candidate, are requesting a recount in Ohio.  As you probably know, there are only a few people who can request a recount in Ohio - the candidates themselves, and since Kerry and Bush won't...

This is going to cost them $110,000. Please donate if you can.


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