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    i remember strummerson, but s/he isnt necessary to point out that this crap is a waste of ether. You have no idea how important the expose of the 3rd Force was—I was living in SA at the time, and it seemed like there would be another interblack war between Zulus and ANC, until this secret white-govt force was exposed. Goldstone's work here was immensely important. On the other hand, you, Lakrosse, have no idea what the working process in SA was, how Mandela positioned himself—not as a god or even a Fearless Leader but as the SPOKESPERSON of the ANC, where, as he pointed out, decisions were taken by the leadership as a whole. Your way of talking about political process is limited and barely juvenile. "generally supported worthy causes" blahblahblah "by no means God" erferferf. You are writing about a daydream of your own. "failed to keep down crime'— give him more six guns. 'Ambivalence on Mugabe"—, why that old reprobate. As I say, you don't have a clue what you are writing about. Nor, I suspect, do you have a clue about Israel. (And i can't imagine what you do or don't get about US politics...)

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    the IDF and the Israeli state are well practiced in deputizing rabid American jews to carry their water. but this belongs with Pam or Debbie, not here.


    Why should we have to read & respond to this? and what is the reason that it is up there on the most popular list? I've been reading myDD for years but lately.... {Jerome? you there?}
    Richard Goldstone-MASS MURDERER apartheid hangman

    Some thought the KKK was the only group to specialize in hanging blacks.


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    nathan, have you not been following the buzz this week about the politicization of the Journal and the dissatisfaction of long-time Journal reporters about the interference of editorial in the news pages? and the decision, say, to run a BIIIG photo of Elena Kagan playing softball (winkwink nudge nudge)?

     A woman who was a reporter at the WSJ is on a book tour doing an expose at the moment.

    Having Karl Rove writing an editorial, though, is SOP for the journal's ed section. This is the heart of the propaganda machine.

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    what gives this person, who engages in bizarrely heated rhetoric, the basis for diaries on myDD?

    here's a random comment, on Rachel Corrie, posted by lakrosse in the past.

    she committed suicide, knowing she was helping a terrorist group kill Jews and commit genocide. She also burned American flags in front of Palestinians to rile them up to hate Israel, America, and the West. Even tho she believed she was good intentioned, she only added to the whole problem.

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    this grotesque character assassination of Richard Goldstone is part of an Israeli government disinformation campaign, just as some of the comments have pointed out. I am astounded to find it posted here. I think you need 5 columns that seriously address the Goldstone Report and the indefensible attack on Gaza just to clear up the stench. I am speechless.

  • so, a democrat says the bills doesn't go far enough. It doesn't. Now show me  he is all those bad things you claim he is. He may be.

     But half the country agrees that the bill doesn't put enough pressure on insurance companies. Ever hear the story of the election of  scott brown, right there in Massachusetts?

    Rebuffing personal pleas from President Obama and Vicki Kennedy, Representative Stephen F. Lynch said yesterday that he will vote against the Democrats’ health care overhaul, contending that it doesn’t put enough pressure on insurance companies to reduce costs.

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    Thanks for once again posting on the essentials.

    But imo this is not the result of Friedmanite ideas or of Friedman himself. It overly personalizes what is really occurring.

    what you describe is an effort to return elite education to the social elites and return other people to the vocation-appropriate type of ed required by the developing knowledge economy. (see my previous post on another thread, in reply to an earlier, also excellent post of yours.)
     No matter how much the evil-libertarians at Cato or their ilk  cash in on it, the ideological (as opposed to economic) lines were set in motion beforehand by political elites (i've posted on this recently) as evidenced in the Trilateralite book by Sam Huntington et al. On the (un) Governability of the Democracies.
    In the US before WWII, education commentators blamed the German system of widespread access to a liberal education for  the rise of disaffected youth and therefore the rise of socialism, whereas the US had vocational ed. We are now returning to voc ed.]
     By the late 60s young people in the Western democracies were accused of being "overeducated" ; and of course the Bushes and their wealthy & privileged cohorts woud like to have the ivy credentialing & networking system for themselves again.

    Free-market libertarianism in other words, is not the tail wagging the dog; as I suggested in the previous post I mentioned, this is all part of the effort to engineer a return to a society that will support a vast upflow of wealth from the lower echelons to the upper. THEY DON"T NEED EDUCATED PEOPLE.
    Friedmanism is a symptom, not a cause; or better, it is a handy vehicle to clear the field for those who know that they can buy any good, service, or person they need, and steal the rest (too big to fail!)

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  • you know, lakrosse, the oy to the world klezmer link on this page links directly to Michael Medved. I suggest you have lost your way and meant to post this comment there.

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    Kadima only exists because Sharon and most of the rest of Israel wanted to keep the hard-right and rejectionist Netanyahu out of government.
     It is Likud lite. It may be more willing to deal than Bibi, but I wouldn't bet on it having that much staying power as the israeli public seems to be moving ever more to the right. THey might as well go home to papa.
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    i think most of these comments (and even , maybe, the post itself, which I very much enjoyed)  fail to see the forest for the trees, esp. those that somehow want to blame parents or teachers.
     We get the ed system 'we' (actually, they) desire, to produce the professional and lower classes 'we' desire. It is not an accident that the development of me-centered education coincides with the post-Fordist need for a 'flexible personality' in workers willing to accept a lifetime of precarious employment and the need to constantly retrain. A person's best asset becomes him/herself, not any particular body of knowledge. We long ago became a nation of consumers not producers, who need only learn enough to get service jobs and enough money to buy more goods, which in turn they see modeled on the teevee. What was formerly our industrial base has become a profit-making base, for which we need managers, lawyers, accountants, money managers, and a luxury-goods service sector to serve them.
    Please note that it is the plutocrats (the 'captains of industry') who have for a dozen or 20 years been pushing the idea of turning K-12 into boot camp; and now they are joined by Obama right along with Bush, in continuing with No Child Left Behind, with his schools chief & the odious Michele Rhee of DC. Basic reading and basic adding & subtracting are what's in store for children of nonelite parents--those not going to be professionals. ( I don't blame people for wanting their kids to learn basics; but I also insist--like Obama, I hope--that the arts are  basic to civilization.)
    We can attract science and math students, and doctors, from abroad, places like India & Pakistan, still following the British model of undergrad ed. (We have terrific grad schools, and they attend 'em in droves, & many immigrate here.) Many of our universities are cutting their access here (follow what is happening at the public UC system!) while setting up campuses in Abu Dhabi.  "We" do not need a literate population, which the Trilateralists long ago (can supply book ref. if necessary) decided made the democracies "ungovernable." (Before he was deposed, Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza famously said "I don't want educated people-- I want oxen.")
     What TV, and movies, etc. offer instead of education is not the Greatest Loser or the Jersey Shore or CSI as models of behavior, or PBS masterpiece Theater, but a constant stream of idiotic crap to talk or just obsess about, based on celebrity culture, backed up by xenophobic fear-mongering and of course SPORTS --what TV does is what lil bush called catapulting the propaganda (telling the truth about what runs our culture). We are in year 40 + of shifting wealth upwards and feeding bread & circuses to those eager to accept them.
  • yes, yes, yes, but all actions are political, esp. in the sphere of politics.
    Why let the WaPo/ Repugs drive the agenda?
    Why go after Charlie Rangel here 'on the blogs'? Let the GOPpers do that; me, I would rather protect the home front than turn on my own .. . until and unless I know there is a better guy out there waiting, and no i wouldn't rather see him replaced by a New York City Republican. The good ones died long ago.
    It's one thing to criticize a guy, another to start hauling out the torches for the forced march outta town.
    Race has maybe not everything but a hell of a lot to do with it.
    And no I wouldn't have stood up for William Jefferson,the guy with the bills in his freezer. (there's bad and there's really bad.)

    here's digby:

    "Norah O'Donnell asked Lisa Myers what it was all about:

    ""This is a very serious matter Norah. What you have going on here, you have a pattern of members of this sub-committee steering multi-million dollar earmarks to clients of this lobbying groups and clients of the lobbying group reciprocating the favor by steering lots of campaign money to the members of congress."

    "Is that illegal? If it is then somebody needs to inform all members of congress and every lobbyist on K-Street because I don't think they've heard about it."

    When you let them frame the discourse... well, you know...

  • wait let me get this straight. The Post reveals names of those on the APPROPRIATIONS subcmte under investigation and you write a diary calling for Rangel to step down from the post of chair, WHICH HE DOESN'T HOLD. You go off on Rangel because in your job as staffer you didn't like him & enjoyed sharing the contempt of others. Then you are corrected about his post,  but no matter, you affirm he should resign anyway.

    here's from David Corn (who is clucking over Rangel's vulnerability):

    "Bad news for Rep. Charles Rangel, the powerful Democratic chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee: The Washington Post obtained a copy of a House document showing that seven members of the House appropriations subcommittee in charge of military spending -- almost half of the panel's members -- are being investigated in an expanded probe focused on a once-influential lobbying firm called the PMA Group that exploited its close ties to lawmakers to win earmarks for clients.

    Rangel is not one of the seven. That list includes John Murtha (D-Pa.), Peter Visclosky (D-Ind.), Norm Dicks (D-Wash.), James Moran (D-Va.), Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), C.W. Bill Young (R-Fla.) and Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.). "

    Rangel has been shown (ok, alleged)  to have been engaged in at best questionable financial dealings, no joke. These documents do not apparently speak to that, but the tar-&-feather gang is going after the ranking Congressman from Harlem....

    gee, what's wrong with this picture... and this post?

    Let's think about the huge mess over in Britain over the expenses scandal, and ask ourselves, who benefits from diverting citizens' attention--especially during an economic crisis of epic proportions, and here in the US a health care holding-the-breath moment-- from lousy laws and even worse financial policies to corruption as the political story of the day?

    Token targets are fine, but whose work are you doing here?
    And how is it that it is the black guys (cf Van Jones) who are the (surrogate) targets of ire?

  • dMarx,
     I'd love to see your sourcing on this (besides the ADL) because it apparently stemmed from one reporter on the phone who refused to supply any direct quotes.
    (I did some quick searching around after your comment, the burden of which reads like classic disinfo.)

    And here's Zelaya, posted at www.narconews.com/Issue60/article3855.ht ml:
    Open Letter from President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales in Relation to the Jewish Community in Honduras
    "I reject all anti-Semitic postures and attacks and I urge all Hondurans do the same"

    By Manuel Zelaya
    Constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras
    October 5, 2009

    With respect to some distortions of information, put out by some communications media, referring to my position as President with respect to the Jewish community, I communicate the following:

    It would be worthwhile to consult the Government Secretaries of my cabinet about the accusations that I have anti-Semitic positions. When the Honduran people elected me President, I received criticism from some anti-Semites, because I named, among other religions, some very talented and qualified Hondurans who practice Judaism, as members of the Government Cabinet.

    "I named as Government Secretary in the Offices of the Presidency, the one who would be my right hand in the government, Yani Benjamin Rosenthal; who gave me strong support in managing the Economic sector, this close collaborator invited me to the Bat Mitzvah ceremony of his daughter. I also named Mr. Leo Starkman as Minister of Foreign Investment and on another occasion, Minister of Energy. I also named Engineer Moises Starkman as Minister in charge of Bio-Fuels. ... Also in my government I named Mr. Jacobo Regalado Weitzembluth General Manager of the telecommunications company."
    Your first sentence is also absurd, since the whole point is he can't run for (re)election in November.
    Finally, even if he mentioned Israeli spies, which I presently doubt,  that is not prima facie anti-Semitic, any more than claiming Italian complicity would be anti-Catholic.

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    Germans felt, already under Schröder, that their social protections were badly frayed and Merkel had the appeal of being personally different. There was a very strong ideological push from the US, the French and the Brits to tame the German workforce, because the German economy was lagging, and German works have strong protections. During the financial crisis, the Germans did not do too badly, the SPD had a colorless candidate, and lots of people stayed home, seeing no real reason to change horses in midstream. Seeing this as any kind of mandate for a move to neoliberalism is suggests a lack of knowledge of German politics. If anything, workers bolted the SPD for Die Linke because they felt abandoned by the increasingly neo-liberal SPD.
    See dvkenned's numbers above.


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