It's All Over (Why I Just Donated Money to Clinton for the First Time)

Well folks, this has been a long battle for the nomination.

Today, Barack Obama will be the nominee of our party.  I am ecstatic.  I have been working for Barack since day one.  He has been and always will be my candidate.  This is my first presidential election, and boy was it a great one.  

Even though I am a poor college student, I have donated hundreds of dollars, and spent many hours working to get him elected.  I was an intern for the campaign in Nevada before leaving for college.  I started an official branch of the Students for Barack Obama on my campus.  I was a caucus chair and precinct captain for Obama in the Washington Caucuses.  Many people know me as 'The Obama Guy.'

After all of this, I just donated $20 dollars to the Clinton Campaign.  She was a great candidate, and I would have been absolutely happy with her as the nominee.  In fact, thats what I was expecting to happen until a couple months ago.  She has millions of dollars in campaign debts to pay off, many of which the Obama Campaign cannot legally pay for her.  I encourage you all to do the same, and maybe donate some to Obama or the DNC while you are at it.  

I look forward to working with ALL OF YOU in the general election.  We may have problems in the Democratic Party, but they are nothing compared to the Republicans.  We must beat John McCain.  For the sake of the United States of America and the rest of the world, my generation and the next, please find it in your hearts to come together.  

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