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    Of course he can pick another woman other than Hillary.
    Stop playing politics.
    There are many women that are just as or more qualified for the spot.  
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    Neither of your picks have snowballs chance in hell.

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    Oh, and second most likely is:

    McCain/Mittens (Romney)

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    Obama will pick Wesley Clark since he has been vetted, is a Clinton supporter, hasn't been in Washington too long, and has way more real foreign policy experience than little John McBush can ever dream of having.  

    McCain will pick Tim Pawlenty from MN.  He is young, very conservative, a governor, actually has decent environmental policy, and might be able to deliver Minnesota and some surrounding states to Old John.  

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    There was a very very similar diary to this one on either this site or KOS within the last month....

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    Show us your math.
    You CLEARLY got the popular vote wrong.
    Every news network said last night that Obama squeaked by with the popular vote.
    I know what you did!
    No votes for Obama in Michigan!
    I think you are right. There was not a single person that voted for Obama there.  All of those undecideds were closet Clinton supporters.  You were bitching all year about counting Florida and Michigan, letting every voter count.  And now you don't count every one?
    You are a hypocrite and a liar.  And for some reason you still think this race is going on.  Its a shame.
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    A quote from the blog: "Message to the RBC: See videotape of Harriet Christian from Manhattan, voter who was ejected from your meeting. That should give you a flavor of our reaction and a taste of what to expect in August, in Denver."

    Did you seriously compare yourself and others in a GOOD WAY to that old racist hag?

    I encourage everyone to watch the video, namely the first half.

    She is clearly out of her mind, and clearly a racist.

    Go ahead and associate yourself with that woman if you want, but I can't make any guarantee that I won't think a lot less of you.

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    That poll is COMPLETE CRAP.
    I am from Nevada.

    In Nevada, there is no person in the Democratic Party, other than Harry Reid that is more despised than Hillary.
    This just proves that polls are wrong.

    Hillary would get annihilated in Nevada vs. McCain.
    Extreme conservatives in Nevada would worship McCain over voting for Hillary.  However, if Obama is at the top of the ticket many conservatives would stay home in Nevada instead of voting for McCain, giving Obama a good chance.  

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    So I guess this kid's parents were probably McCain voters.  I'm sure they had no influence on his decision whatsoever.  

    Oh, but he's too young to donate to a campaign.  It had to have been in one of his parent's names.

    This is ridiculous.  Child indoctrination?  

  • But the superdelegates are quickly moving to her side!!!

    Obama only got four more than her today!

    Great figures, thanks.

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    Nice...now show me the math how this is remotely possible.

    Oh, thats right.
    Obama is the nominee.  Get over it.

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    Why does it matter?
    Barack Obama is now the nominee.
    Get over it.

    You can't say that its bad that he lost in a state that Clinton has been consistently ahead in.  (Other than a completely unscientific poll two months ago conducted by MARK PENN!)

    In fact, he came back and almost beat her.  Even with Rush Limbaugh in the picture.

    Get over it.
    Support your nominee and lets get on with beating John McCain!

  • That's because Rush Limbaugh wasn't telling his supporters to vote for Obama.

  • and go to www.barackobama.com

    Support your nominee.


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