A Few Honest Questions

For the first time in my life I got in to an argument with my grandmother!  About Barack Obama.  Geez.  She implored me to seek the answers to my remaining questions as she found it outrageous that I find him less than appealing (to put it nicely).  She nearly hung up the phone on me when I suggested I'd rather vote for myself (as a write-in) than vote for him.  LOL.  So, I ask:

   * What has Barack Obama accomplished?
    * At what cost will he seek "unity"?
    * "Unity" towards what end?  For what is he willing to risk "unity"?
    * "Hope" for what end?
    * "Change" from what to what?
    * Does he honestly believe Republicans are honest partners?
    * How can I trust him to fight for progressive values if he is unwilling to fight for universal healthcare?

See, at this point, my disdain is growing.  I just don't get him. I find him terribly arrogant.  I'm not moved by the speeches.  I don't want to play nice with Republicans.  What's more I think that the entire notion of playing nice with Republicans is naive and silly.  Gov. Patrick of MA made the exact same claims of 'hope' and 'change' and 'unity' and he is already a failure.  I'm not willing to make a faith-based decision so give me some meat, please.


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