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    Who am I?

    Why am I here?


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    Listen, I don't want to defend this Republican, but we need to be consistent.  What does the number of people in a state have to do with anything?  Are you saying someone representing California (the most populous state) would be more qualified just because they come from a big state?  That seems silly to me.

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    Again, if she is unprepared for the second slot Obama is unprepared for the first slot.  This is a line of argument that Democrats need to avoid.  Just stop it.  Find another way to attack.

    Ask yourself, would you have said that Kiane was unprepared?  I doubt it.  Fact is, Obama is the one that says experience doesn't matter.  He proclaims that judgement matters.  So, at least try to be consistent.

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    I'm sorry, but if she is too inexperienced to be VP then Obama is certainly too inexperienced to be President.  This is an argument that we should stay away from.

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    Why do you people think TalkLeft is a PUMA site, again?  Because they don't scream 'Amen' at everything Obama does?  For my money, BTD is the most consistently spot-on blogger out there.  

    ...and everyone should know there are crazy comments everywhere.

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    I'm considering moving just to vote AGAINST her.  Can't stand the woman.

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    Kos can suck my toe.  His site is blocked from my home and I'll certainly never spend a dime (or library card swipe) for anything with his name on it.

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    You really are a true believer.  How about some critical thinking for a little change up instead of demigod worship?

    Dude is in trouble.  The convention snoozefest will not help much.  The Republican snoozefest quickly follows anyway and there goes whatever bump he gets from convention.  As for the VP slot...well, anything other Hillary Clinton will be yet another snoozefestival.

    The "celebrity" ads have been devastating for Obama.  The sooner Democrats wake up from the Obama stupor the better will be able to fight the Republicans.  Here is a clue or two:  Obama's greatness is not obvious to everyone.  Some people actually need to be convinced.  It is not enough that McCain sucks. Or that Obama is suppose to represent some sort of change (whatever that means).

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    I couldn't agree more with Penn.  Sounds like a winning plan to me.  Obama clearly didn't have any problem taking the low road with the Clintons (yet, he seems so hesitant to go after the Republicans...hmmm...) Again, Hillary is a much better person than I could ever be.

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    I think the ads are funny.  

    They are funny because they are true.

    Make excuses for Obama all you want, but "acting the part" is not a winning strategy.  If I'm sick of hearing Obama tell me how great he is and how important he is to the future of the world I can only imagine how the average non-partisan voter might take his enlarged head/ego.

    And these ads work well because they cut through the noise and easily communicate their message.

    And, btw, Josh Marshall is a tool. I lump him in the pile with Keith Olbermann and all the others who should be ashamed to call themselves Democrats.

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    Just because he is the nominee doesn't mean we have to close our eyes and cover our ears and close our mouths.

    I will vote for your guy, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

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    And what did you get from Kennedy, again?

    It was LBJ who moved the legislation that we take for granted today.

  • Leave Geraldine alone.  Every single thing she said was true.  Every single word.

  • And it happens to also be true!

  • Not a chance in hell.  Nothing more than a vote.  The DNC is a disgrace.


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