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    "I think that's certainly worth measuring, even if it doesn't necessarily predict final outcomes."

    I love them and participate but when folks start taking these polls and extrapolate that Richardson is moving up to 2nd tier status it gets a bit of an eye roll.

    Even real changes in the real polls from 2% to 5% are kind of like frog leg twitches.

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    I read the FieldNegro's comments but he keeps saying the web is not color blind which is just stupid. It is literally color blind.  It's accent blind.  Over time in conversations, a persons background may come up but usually it does not.

    So the rage against the machine bit is self created.  If you want to talk about Iraq, or oil, or campaign finance reform, or deficit/debt...there's none of that on FieldNegro.

    Is there a "black" perspective on Iraq?  On oil?

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    "...but the point of these polls doesn't seem to be to predict anything."

    Then why speak of trends about candidates moving up in these polls?  I enjoy the polls as an indicator of what a small but active demographic thinks but probably a good idea to keep some perspective that this is a very skewed demographic.

    On Richardson, an odd but true problem for him is he needed to do something about his weight.  His image is that of a sidekick vs. the hero.

    He'd be a good Secretary of State choice.

  • So solving problems via the coalition building on national issues that Obama pushes has its uses? We hear such shrieks of terror from the bloggers when Obama speaks of coalitions to solve US problems yet here they are, in the lion's den, doing the same thing.

    Newt was nutty on a lot of issues but he was big on getting US government online via Thomas.

    Issues where Obama can build coalitions to solve problems are:

    1. Oil/energy - lotto conservatives are big on cutting US oil use, building alternative energy industry for US energy independence.

    2. Deficit/Debt - same on a balance budget, disagreement on how but can agree that spending must equal revenue no matter what.

    3. Lobbyists/money and transparency of government.

    4. Civil rights, freedom from government intrusion  into purely personal decisions of citizens.

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    "My existence disproves what you say.  I'm young, I hate facebook/social networking, and I support John Edwards."

    Actually it would tend to confirm it though single individuals are more anecdotal info. vs. demographic info.

    Demographic polls here show an overwhelmingly older, white, wealthier, single, male membership.

    Basically, you've got a bunch of old geysers on MyDD and KOS grousing about "finding the online zeitgeist" while hundreds of thousands younger, more varied demographic people were online in Facebook getting the spirit, organizing a headline grabbing event to which they invited Obama.

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    What is the predictive value of the polls on websites with fairly narrow demographics such as KOS and MyDD?

    I know candidates I support usually end up as underdogs.

    Most recent poll here shows Edwards leading while all the scientific polls show Clinton leading and Edwards a struggling third.

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    Hello from Jantzen Beach.

    Always nice to see my Congressman online.

    Posting on the public political discussion groups is a great way to stay in touch with the voters in case you were looking for voter feedback on your online ventures.

    Even nicer to have my Congressman have the same thinking on Iraq as I do...representing me well.

  • "Table 17 list only imports, not exports, therefore is does not a trade balance make."

    No kidding...oil imports are the cost.

    "all crude oil import"

    Crude oil is only part of it. You have to look at all energy related products, refined products, natural gas products etc.

    "Oil is often a capital good that is used to create value in the US economy."

    Nope...oil is a commodity wasted by an efficient and outdated industrial base that is 50% less energy efficient on per capita and per GDP basis than Europe and Japan.

    US can eliminate all energy imports, cuts trade deficit nearly in half and solve many other US problems.

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    Medical malpractice accounts for less than 1% of US medical costs so it's simply not on the radar as a problem.

    The problem due to insurance companies and drug companies which are responsible for close to 50% of US health cares costs.

    Insurance companies provide absolutely no health care services and should be eliminated from health care.

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    "Not until he ran for Preseident."

    Wrong again.

    Result 1. Obama ran for office in 2004 based on opposition to Iraq war and won election. He voiced opposition to the Iraq war before US invaded and then ran and won on that same issue in 2004.

    Result 2. Obama proposed (per netroots) a proposal with "teeth" to get US troops home by 2008.

    Even Edwards ("I voted for it before I decided to say I'm against it") and Clinton ("I voted for it and stand by it") supporters should take $10 and put it towards the "Obama: Out of Iraq Now" fund on ActBlue since Obama is the only one in Congress who is running for President and has a real proposal to do exactly what the netroots say they want.

    If netroots don't put their money where their mouth is on the out-of-Iraq-now issue, it does give some indication that netroots is a bit hypocritical on the issue...calling for action and when they get it...coming up with rationalizations for not supporting it.

  • "I've checked your numbers, they're dead wrong, and the gravely oversimpify the nature of the trade deficit.

    You need to check the US Dept. of Commerce: Bureau of Economic Analysis. They are the ones who just released the trade numbers.

    Use this link. Then look at Table 17 in the XLS downloads.  You'll note energy products for first 11 months of 2006 were $270B. You will see that December, month 12, in 2005 counts for around 11% of yearly total so you get the $300B for oil and gas imports, close to 50% of US trade deficit.

    That proportion of US trade deficit has been the single largest segment and single fastest growing segment of US trade deficit.

    http://www.bea.gov/bea/newsrel/tradnewsr elease.htm

  • "Source?"

    Saudi, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Indonesia.

    US imports of oil and natural gas come from just about all the oil and gas exporters.

    Middle East controls 65% of the world market and that number is increasing which is why oil is the No. national security threat to US, a couple oil embargos that brought US economy to it's knees, three Middle East wars costing $1T, terrorism against the US, close to $3T in US trade deficit over last 20 years.

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    Well...keep in mind..."fake" got a pretty good track record of winning elections in the US.

    Reagan being the best, worst example.

    Bush Jr being the next best, worst example.

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    A couple dynamics at work.

    It's more apparant than real due to handful of Edwards supports who have kind of hijacked the site. They spend 75% of their diaries attacking Obama. Then about ten of them all recommend each others anti-Obama diary to get it "recommended". Giving a kind of cheap suit high profile to the anti-Obama sentiment.

    There's a bit of disconnect between "old netroots" and "new netroots". Kind of "Facebook" vs. "Meetup".

    Old netroots are living in the past of Dean, Edwards and Clark and dominate the old discussion areas. It's an older, white demographic.

    New netroots are living in the future of Obama and dominate in the social networking areas of Facebook and are a younger, more racially mixed demographic.

    Old netroots sit around and piss and moan and try to get to the next "level" in the Myst of the older online discussion boards with "recommend" schemes and "mojo" message deletions.

    New netroots organize big rallies for Obama and get him to come speak to them.

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    Oil was $322B out of $725B of trade deficit.

    US can cut trade deficit in half, create 1 million new US jobs in alternative energy, save 1 million current US jobs in autos, end No. 1 threat to US national security, cut green house gas emissions...but getting as energy efficient and Europe and Japan.


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