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    I'm merely pointing out a double standard.  My point is that both "conclusions" above are equally valid (i.e. not at all).

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    If the success of Biden's children = Nepotism, then what does Hillary's success make Bill?  

  • You have no respect or dignity.  You should be ashamed of yourself and if you don't know why, then that just goes to prove my opinion of you.  Go away.

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    Drop it.  Please.  The primary is over, and honestly, it's been over since February.  Mark Penn was the person who poorly executed Hillary's campaign.  Hillary is the person who followed him.  So the fault for losing lies with her and Penn.  How is that sexist?  Please stop posting this crap.  Perhaps you could take a break for a few days?

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    Have you no decency?

  • P.S.  In case you try to accuse me of being a lazy campaigner (you never know) I should point out that both of my parents, life long Republicans who voted twice for Bush, are supporting Obama thanks to my efforts so don't tell me that's ineffective.

  • I don't do door-to-door campaigning because I don't have the patience for this kind of willful ignorance.  My style of campaigning focuses on people I already know.  It lets me speak candidly without worrying about the figurative person with their fingers in their ears.  

    So how about addressing my comments rather than attacking me.  I mean, you complain about the Obama campaign doing this, so how about setting an example?

    Basically, I just say it how it is.  If you can't "handle the heat" as your hero once said, "get out of the kitchen."

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    Listen, you're being stupid.  Everyone knows it, but they're going to dance around it.  Think about it: you've picked up the same biased-media meme that Republicans have been spouting for years.  We've made fun of them for it, but now you think it's perfectly logical.  

    The Truth:  The media didn't tear down the Clintons.  The Clintons tore down themselves.

    My advice:  Grow up and stop the drama.  If you're so damn worried about the Democrats losing this election, then stop bitching about Hillary and do what she asked yesterday.  Get off your ass and start campaigning for the nominee instead of trying to delegitimize his historic win.

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    Seems to me like that lemonade is a little more bitter than you're letting on.

    My advice: Grow up.

    That is all.

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    I'm very glad that this is finally over.  Clinton would have been the landslide victor any other year and though her campaign made some decisions I disagreed with, her campaign solved most of them in the last few months.   Congrats to her on getting so many votes and inspiring so many people.  

    I'm looking forward to the convention and the ensuing race.  It looks like it's gonna be intense.

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    I will be on board, but only if certain problems are addressed.  The following are my biggest concerns.

    Hillary needs to unequivocally and fully support Obama's nomination for the presidency BEFORE she gets the nod.

    There will need to be a clearly defined role for Bill that preferably keeps him away from Washington.  I'm thinking an Ambassador position, or perhaps a continuation of his charity work.

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    Don't forget Mexico too... and we can't discriminate so we might as well move on to South America too.  All American's must be heard!

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    Ickes is just one person who embodies everything that is wrong with the Democratic party.  He may have been vocal about seating AA's in 1964, but I guarantee his activism was inspired primarily by a political need.  

    Ickes votes to strip MI and FL of it's delegates because at the time, Hillary didn't need them.  Now she does so suddenly it's OBAMA who's stealing these delegates.  Please kindly remove your head from your behind so you can join the rest of us in the real world.

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    Last throes Alegre?

    Please get away from the computer and step away from this whole thing for a few days.  You'll feel better and maybe you'll have a better perspective on how the real world thinks.

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