• ... that his 15 minutes were up in 2008.  Time to lease out the rent-a-redneck franchise to someone else.

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    The answer is on a pit bull, their mouth is their greatest asset...

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    To be a real American, just breathe through your mouth and say:  "Yer not frum aroun' here, are ye?  You mes' be one them ferners."

  • Uh yeah, we really need "town hall meetings" where disguised campaign shills ask predigested softball questions to their candidate or low ball, flag pin bullshit to the other.  Naturally, there would be no real debate on issues, just character assassination with a cast of thousands.  Obama knows it would be a rigged game;  refusing to play speaks well of his intelligence.  

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    Here's the deal.  Many Appalachian white votes SAY they won't vote for Obama because he is a Muslim, yet they know full well Rev. Wright is a Christian.   Can they be they that stupid?  Possibly.  But more likely they're just not going to tell you they won't vote for a n****r.  So, Obama needs to leave Michelle at home and go campaign in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky with his white mother, who raised him.  Then most of them will probably be able to recover from their Hillary hangover.

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    Yeah, that was about as funny as "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran."  Mike Huckabee is old enough to remember the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations first hand.  He must know that Michelle didn't want Barack to run because she feared for his life.  Yet, this "Huck up" made the remark at an NRA function.  I don't care if he's sorry or not.  What I care about is some unhinged, wingnut, James Earl Ray wannabee just thought he just got green lighted.  WV should remind us all that knuckle dragging racism is still with us and doesn't need encouragement.

  • see:  http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index. jhtml?videoId=168561&title=indecisio n-2008-west-virginia&byDate=true

    The Clinton's controlled the Democratic Party for 16 years, yet she is loosing to a young black man with a Muslim name.  If she is such an asset, why isn't she the nominee?  Why couldn't she "close the deal?" It's all over, except the crying.  Please get on with the crying and get over it.  We have work to do.

  • <<If she wants to stay in the race, I believe she certainly has the right.>>

    I have the RIGHT to fart in the elevator, though it is not the best course of action for all the occupants.  Clinton has the right to do what's best for her and not the party.  Certainly that's what her husband did when he chose the priorities of his penis over his Presidency.  Her 10% shot will come from Rushover Limbaugh listeners and racists.  Now that's a true Democrat coalition, isn't it?

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    As a member of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, I am tired of backing loosers.  I consider Hillary to be the favorite Democratic candidate of the Republican party.  The RNC has invested millions in turning her into ballot box poison and now they are ready to collect.  She has the highest negatives of any Democratic candidate and therefore is the most likely candidate to loose the general election.  Even if she is elected, she will govern more like a Republican than a Democrat.  I have no use for another triangulating, DLC, Bush-lite, corporate shill, who ultimately can't win and leaves us with another Bush fascist like Rudy.   I am backing both Obama and Edwards with contributions every month.  Hillary doesn't need my money, she can shake down her Wall St. and defense industry benefactors.  She might get my vote next November, if she can stop voting for Bush's wars and start leading like a Democrat, instead of pandering like a spineless poll driven weasel.  "A vote for Hillary is a vote for America" my ass.  She is putting her ego ahead of the country and vote for her is just another vote for Kerry, Dukakis and Mondale.


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