• Needless to say: we're in.

    Step 1: create the message

    Step 2: turn the blogosphere from givers into raisers.

      The average contribution to Ginny Schrader through ActBlue
      was right at $30.  Now, that's a lot of people who are giving
      because Markos, Jerome, Stephen and others asked them to.

      Now we need to take that to the next level, and turn those
      givers into raisers.  The math (as explained above) is
      straightforward -- we now need to bring people to the next level,
      and ask them to raise from their non-blogging friends.

      Give $30 -- now raise $300.

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    Start an ActBlue candidate list featuring Dems who are strong on Sudan.  (Matt Stoller recommended this when Zephyr Teachout wrote about Sudan on BOP News (See comments) .)

    Raising money through the page would be a great way to show the political potency of the issue.

    It creates a virtuous cycle -- people support candidates who stand strong; others notice that it's a money-raising them and start talking about it; the media notices more candidates talking; etc.

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    Many of the folks I've spoken with have never given politically before, and have no sense of what's "a lot".  

    It varies a great deal based on one's financial situation, of course, but the point is that with so many new donors, there's an opportunity to set expectations and benchmarks.  

    One talking point I've been trying out with some success is "You pay 20%-35% of your income in taxes.  Isn't it worth an extra 1% to decide who gets to spend it?"

    I'm not sure if 1% is the right number here -- for some people it may be, for others it may be totally unrealistic.  What do y'all think?

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    Latest update on contributions through that page: $ $450.09  

    I'll keep updates coming on the kos thread and also on that web page throughout the evening.

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    ...moderate / liberal Republicans are ripe for the plucking by a Democratic campaign that can properly appeal to their libertarian tendencies....

    Absolutely--remember the good ol' days of Waco, black helicopters, and "jack-booted thugs"?  

    It seems like we should be able to recapture some lost territory among the electorate with civil liberties/Patriot Act/due process issues.   Shouldn't we be ammering this theme hard, especially in places like Rural OH and PA, and Eastern WA?

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    Major thanks once again to Matt, and also to Jerome, for a big revision to strategy #2 -- this a huge improvement over the version I sent to Matt!

    Kuff and David -- thanks for your kind words.

    Kuff -- Texas Tuesdays looks like a fantastic resource.  We're talking now about getting candidate profiles up on ActBlue, and  y'all are clearly the go-to folks for Texas!  I'll send you an e-mail and we can talk more offline.


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