• LOL -- we had a number of experiences like that last year, when no one knew who we were!

    Of the 150 or so campaigns we sent funds to in 2004, for a good 95% the first contact we had with them was a check in the mail.

    This year the DSCC and DCCC have been very helpful in getting the word out to campaign finance directors, so we don't get nearly as many "Thanks, but, um, what the...?" phone calls any more.

  • Good stuff -- at least in some states we should be able to support ballot initiative committees as well. (More legal research!)
  • Glad to hear things are working smoothly for you, and thanks for the endorsement! Any other federally-registered PACs in need of online fundraising, just give us a shout and we'll hook you up. Note that when we get going in a state, we can help out with state-registered PACs as well (unless the campaign finance laws are _really_ wacky).
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    Great questions -- hope you don't mind if I jump in and ask one in return.

    The Nebraska Legislature is formally non-partisan, i.e. candidates are neither affiliated with nor nominated by political parties (thanks Wikipedia).

    My question: how does this formal non-partisanship play out in practice?  Do the parties get involved wiht legislative races even without the formal affiliation of candidates?  Does the Democratic party explicitly endorse candidates?  Does it tend to be clear which candidates are progressive vs. conservative?  

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    We've got that over at http://actblue.com/directory/federal

    If someone would like to help by collecting the filing deadlines, just let me know and we'll post it.  (E-mail brahn at actblue dot com)

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    Just put together an ActBlue page for these two elections. Contribute now to support the Democratic nominees!
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    ...so what should we call the GOP?

    The Republic party?
    The Repub party?
    The Repo party?

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    1. Do you see an opportunity to strengthen the party by making progressive politics a more appealing professional path?  If yes, how would you do it?  

    2. Do you see an opportunity to strengthen the party by encouraging party donors to support new initiatives by outside groups?  If yes, how would you reach out to political entrepreneurs launching new initiatives?

    3. A common criticism of the Democratic party is that jobs are given on the basis of political jockeying rather than merit.  Do you agree with this criticism?  If yes, how would you go about addressing that problem?

    And finally, a question to end the interview, no matter what the questions:

    4. Would you give any priority to any of the interesting ideas you just put forth, or is this just part of a job interview for you?  Can you convince us in 30 seconds that your answers aren't just lip service?

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    To make the rhetorical advantages of Chris's title deserves more explicit:

    We need to say "social security is healthy and successful" as your title suggests, rather than
    "there is no crisis" as Kevin suggests.

    The former sounds like a statement of fact, the latter sounds like a denial.  Lakoff talks about this problem using the example of Nixon's "I am not a crook" line.  Saying "there is no crisis" makes people think about a crisis, and defeats the entire purpose of one's argument.

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    Windows Media (215kb). It's the OBL lie in full contrast mode. Repeat mercilessly. This is what we want everyone to remember. Video courtesy of Fox and the DNC. (Soon I'll replace the Fox with higher quality.)
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    See diary entry at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2004/9/9/173735/5451 , since it looks like mydd doesn't allow image tags.
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    Hey Chris -- just a quick fyi, two of the actblue links currently point to https://secure.actblue.com/donate when they should point to something like http://actblue.com/list/ssp-schrader
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    Chris, I really like these ads because they are harsh but still substantive.  

    I don't think that we're going to win on charges of Bush being a homosexual or whatever other titallation our creativity can produce
    unless we have something really, really definitive.  The GOP is much better at media jiu-jitsu, and they'll pull another "Hollywood Hatefest" on us.  As the oft-quoted line from The Untouchables would put it, that's pulling a knife.  

    Putting forward the facts in the most damning fashion possible is pulling a gun.

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    (Apologies if I'm just behind the curve on this one)

    On Monday the St. Petersburg Times withdrew its endorsement of Martinez in the GOP primary.

    The Times originally recommended former U.S. Housing Secretary Mel Martinez to Republican voters in Tuesday's U.S. Senate primary, but that was before Martinez took his campaign into the gutter with hateful and dishonest attacks on his strongest opponent, former U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum. The Times is not willing to be associated with bigotry. As a result, we are taking the almost unprecedented step of rescinding our recommendation of Martinez.

    Pretty harsh stuff -- and I'm sure we'll see more hateful campaigning from Martinez in the next ten weeks.


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