• My guess is that they don't count earmarked contributions to other committees -- only contributions to the PAC's general funds.

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    Wow... Chris (and Tim, Bob, et al) thanks so much -- your praise and encouragement means a lot to us.  

    I'll have a more substantial update re: newly-activated states in the morning.

    In the mean time, just wanted to blush a bit in public :-)

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    While the text needs to be compelling, frankly I think "being able to pay Matt and/or Chris so they can spend their professional time on BlogPAC rather than just their spare time" ought to be a damn good answer to the "where is this money going" question.

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    We often talk about the Internet, blogs, etc. as a medium uniquely impervious to standard corporate marketing tricks (e.g. "you can't buy authenticity") but I'm not so sure.

    Scrappy-looking DIY-style flash ads (produced by corporate PR firms), astroturfed comments of an increasingly sophisticated variety, etc., may be expensive, but they can be developed and purchased.  I'd expect to see more of this as time goes on.  

    Still better than ads on broadcast media, of course, because at least this kind of faux-populism is easier to detect...or is that really better?

    Here's a darker vision for you:

    1. People get sick of broadcast media as a news source and go to blogs, etc. (yay!)

    2. Campaigns stop spending their PR dollars on broadcast ads (yay!) ...

    3. ...and start spending those dollars on astroturfing online... (uhm)

    4. ...and since authenticity is difficult and time-intensive to reproduce, these efforts become very, very, very expensive... (hrm)

    5. ...Making the money race even more important for those who want to market on line than it was for those who market now in the broadcast setting. (uh-oh)

    I don't have any particular reason to be confident that things play out as I've described above.  But I do think we should hesitate before we crow about our beloved medium's victories over corporate tactics.

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    The "coming tidal wave" works for us on many levels. Jonathan hit on two (1. More people may be willing to identify as/with Dems, and 2. GOP voters may stay home), and I wanted to highlight a key third:

    Many people who have done more than vote Democratic over the past several cycles can now be successfully called upon to do a lot more.

    I can promise friends and colleagues that this time around volunteering, donating, organizing, and fundraising are all going to be a lot more fun -- because we're going to WIN.

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    look for gut-punch ads

    I'd like to see that.  But unfortunately I have to be content with "I'll believe it when I see it."

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    Tom Suozzi's ad makes him look like he's running for  Fox news anchor.

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    Get an ActBlue page so that we can get contributions over the Internet (if anyone can inform us as to the best way to do that, we would appreciate it)

    You sent e-mail to the right place yesterday (info@actblue.com) -- Erin will get back to you shortly :-)


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    1. Voice is good, but I bet a bit of time with a voice coach would go a long way toward helping you sound stronger and more natural.

    2. Gray background on your logo makes it hard to notice and read -- particularly important when viewers absolutely must remember your name.

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    Consistency and simplicity of message is excellent.

    The background activity (lobbyists and cigar-smoking corporate crony) is really nice, and it would be incredible if you could offer this background reel to any Democratic candidate who wants to use it.  I imagine this would save a lot on production costs.

    Then each candidate could just add video of themselves speaking with their own logo, and voila! Great ads for cheap, and a nationally consistent message on a key campaign theme.

  • Ah, I see -- am I understanding correctly that the question is "where does the $10k go?"  If so:

    The $10k does not go to candidates; this is the funding that allows ActBlue to do the substantial legal and technical work required to expand its fundraising capacity to the executive and legislative races in the state in question.

    Once that work is done, individual fundraisers can raise funds for the Democratic candidates of their choice in that state.

  • Depends on the particular state.  

    In some places the local/municipal laws are identical to the state laws, and in those cases the answer is "you bet!"  We'll just need help identifying the candidates and such.

    However, in other places (esp. big cities like NYC and Seattle) the local/municipal laws are another layer of complexity again, so we'd need to hold off.

  • We've also got a page where you can support any state of your choice.
  • We're up and running in Virginia -- see our directory of candidates here. You can contribute to and fundraise for Kaine, Byrne, Deeds, and all the legislative candidates just like you can for Federal candidates.


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