The Myth of Hillary's "5% Chance"

Hello again,

Thank you to everyone who gave positive feedback and constructive criticism in my first diary here.  Every day, I grow more and more impressed with the balance of viewpoints I see on this site.  So I'm going to write a little bit more.

There's something about this primary that has been bothering me a lot recently, and I cringe everytime I see it.  It's the recurring notion that this primary is "over," that Hillary only has a "5% chance to win," or, as stated prematurely by partisan Obama supporter Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), that his nomination is a "foregone conclusion." I have to disagree.

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Why would anyone be offended?

(This is my first diary here.  I love it here so far.  Cross posted at dailykos.)

We all love someone who can stand up in front of a potentially hostile audience and speak their mind candidly, despite fear of retribution.  Some would argue that's exactly what Barack Obama did at his now notorious fundraiser in Pacific Heights, California.  But I'm hearing arguments being used to defend his speech that are, in my opinion (call it the "truth" if you're willing to afford me the same generosity afforded to Obama's opinion), completely missing the mark.  So I have a few points to raise.  

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