WV Erases Obama's PV (Update) Nebraska Dead Heat

Popular Vote Totals

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Mother's Day Song for Hillary

In the hyper-digital age, one of my hobbies in addition to following the politics sphere like a hawk (or a vulture, heh) is uploading piano covers and originals.  

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Miscellaneous Concerns

This is a short diary just to see if we can stir up some conversation or information on a few outstanding variables.

Keep in mind, I think perceptions have hardened and Hillary is at a major media disadvantage.  Still there are things worth mentioning.  

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Change of Subject

It's not a happy time to be a Hillary supporter.  The battle has come down to one of perception (SD's) rather than election.  Unless the media is deliberately duping us so they can have some stupid "OMG Shocking West Virginia comeback," last night and today were very sad.  

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Honestly, Why Did This *Feel* So Bad?

It's been a rollercoaster two weeks since the Pennsylvania primary.  This diary is just a sharing of some honest thoughts from me, an unapologetic Hillary supporter.  I'm not trying to change anyone's mind on anything, just looking to see what other people are feeling behind the "official" story.  

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Rules Lesson: Florida and Michigan

I'm writing this diary to help disperse some of the noxious spin clouds occluding a precise understanding of the rules and procedures governing the seating of the Michigan and Florida delegations.  Many left-leaning blogs, contributors, editors, armchair pundits, and columnists have promulgated flawed analyses that proceed from the false assumption that suppressing the votes in these two states is mandated by some unflinching authoritarian set of rules that, in reality, the authors either failed to read or failed to understand.  The popularity of this distortion is further supported by fake delegate counters showing a race to 2025 by incorporating this bankrupt assumption, now littering the blogosphere like locusts.  Although it has become fashionable to mischaracterize suppression of Michigan and Florida voters as a foregone conclusion, the result has been a plethora of dishonest accounts of the race's state of that impede sincerity in our dialogue.  So I want to clear a few things up.  

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Indiana: New PPP Poll Hillary Clinton +8

New PPP Poll

The poll shows Hillary's continuing trend of pulling away in Indiana, confirmed also today by SUSA where she was up +9%.  Polls also show Hillary eroding Barack Obama's national lead and closing the gap in North Carolina.  There's a great front page diary that has these figures in them.

Hillary also maintains a whopping lead in Kentucky, per the new SUSA poll.

The tide is definitely turning.  

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Meltdown: DailyKos turns on Markos

Lord of the Flies is all over Dailykos today as the shocking groupthink cannibalizes a new target:  Markos Moulitsas Zúniga.

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Historic Debate? No, Let Him Eat His Waffles

This diary is designed to contemplate the implications that Barack Obama's perceived inability to deal with adversity may have on both his decision to engage Clinton's Lincoln-Douglas style debate challenge and his dubious capacity to serve as President of the United States.

I'll start with one of the most glaring recent examples.  Last week, at the Glider Diner in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Barack Obama spazzed out on a woman who asked him a question regarding Jimmy Carter's meeting with Hamas.  As if the GOP and even Hillary Clinton didn't have enough tailor-made-for-TV unbelievable Obama gaffes, at a publicity breakfast, he gave them another remarkable treasure.  

"Why is it that I can't just eat my waffle!" he surprised onlookers, "Just let me eat my waffle right now." 

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2 + 2 = 5? No. Stop the Obama Spin.

This diary is dedicated to everyone here who is disgusted with the repetition of twisted spinning pseudo-facts like:

"Hillary can't win."

"It's the math, stupid!"

"He has the nomination locked up."

"He's winning everything."

"She lost her 20% lead."

Enough of the lies.  We have our own sound-bytes and it's time to use them.  

One of the GOP's greatest strengths, in terms of sales-pitch marketing, has been its ability to subsume powerful and resonating themes into short and effective punchlines.  Each one sends the self-styled academic far-left wing of the Democratic party into a dialectic frenzy.  First comes the list of 1,000,001 reasons the GOP is wrong (mind you, the GOP is almost always wrong, but it shouldn't take a novel's worth of "high minded" platitudes to explain why).  Next comes the usual give-and-take lovefest of faux intellectual strutting and high fives.  Finally, the enlightened ones dictate with painstaking and painfully longwinded detail why everyone else's perception of the truth is actually quite "incorrect," from whatever ad hoc perspective du jour their chosen result requires them to adopt.  As many of us already know, logicians have outlined theorems showing how one can "prove" that 2 + 2 = 5.  Bring the political equivalent to the fore, and what may be the GOP's response?  "Democrats can't do basic arithmetic." Fitting.

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