Holiday for Obama & United States

I sent out on a bulletin on my music channel last week saying if McCain won, I would play a new version iieee by Tori Amos w. a lot of screaming and anguish in it.  If Obama won, I would play Holiday.  "You decide... Vote!"

Fortunately, there will be no new iieee.  Instead, there is Holiday.

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Blacks and Gays, Prop 8

Well, the results are mostly in and it appears that Prop 8 will end up passing, relatively comfortably.  With 99% of all precincts reporting, we're down by about 500,000 votes. state#CA

Even with rumors of up to 3 million outstanding absentee ballots, it's not realistic to believe that kind of deficit will be overcome.  

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OR-Sen Gordon Smith Can't Win

Sorry for the short entry but I went number crunching.  Gordon Smith can't pull this thing out.  Merkley is running ahead of John Kerry in every single county in the state, convincingly.  

With 71% reporting, it's 47/47%. state#OR

Where are the outstanding votes?

The most underreported counties are Multnomah and Lane, home to Portland and Eugene.  

The pattern is overwhelmingly obvious; Gordon Smith is running about 5 points statewide behind George Bush, who himself lost Oregon by 4% in 2004.  

We have this seat in the bag.  Looking at the map and pretending otherwise is like calling Ohio for Obama and pretending McCain can somehow win.  

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We just won

Congratulations to everyone here.  We just won Ohio.  McCain factually has no path to victory now.  It's over.  Much love.  -B

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Obama wins Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

Good news to start the day.  The first town in America that votes, opening its polls on midnight, Dixville Notch, NH was an Obama landslide. ixville.notch/index.html?iref=topnews

The town has 75 residents.  21 people voted.  The result?

Obama 15
McCain 6

The town leans Republican and voted for George Bush in both of his elections.  

What does it mean?  Nothing definitely, but the margin of victory is pretty big, percentage wise.  Bush got 80% and 73% of the vote.  This year, McCain gets... less than 30%.

We could be seeing some amazing numbers tonight.  Blessings and best wishes to all my Dems here.


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Happy Halloween & Election Music

Happy Halloween.  

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Pennsylvania: One of the Bluest States, According to RCP

I am very happy to see my home state of Pennsylvania so far out of the battleground status and becoming bluer and bluer as each year passes.  PA has gone from hotly contested in 2000, likewise in 2004, and again in 2008, all with miserable failures by the GOP.  In 2006, Pennsylvania repudiated Rick Santorum with a landslide 18 point margin smackdown that was justifiably humiliating for the incumbent.  

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Voting for Obama, Finally

I had a strange dream on Saturday night.  It was Election Day and Obama was losing because of an unexpected "hate" vote turnout in Virginia, Ohio, and other places.  Rather than gloating against the DNC a la, "well that's what they get for being so stupid," I felt very sad.  When I woke up, I was asked if I had been crying.  It was a very vivid dream and I remember feeling this awful pit in my heart and wishing something could be done to make us win the election.  I think subliminally it was also a throwback to Election 2004 when I felt so devastated by these unequivocal rejections from states and counties I thought we would have won.  

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Assaulted: True Experience

I don't even know where to begin cause over the course of the primary I've become a very active member here, but I've avoided the blogs this weekend, not because of the sadness of Hillary's concession (something on which I ordinarily would have been enthused to share an opinion) but because of a really bizarre and unforeseeable event.

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FL/MI: I Had a Revelation

I could be totally off-base with this assertion, but I had a jolt of party-based optimisim as I had my coffee this morning.

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