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    Thanks.  :-)

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    I don't hate John McCain.  I feel sorry for him.  I see a man well past his prime who has an opportunity to realize his long term life goal and it keeps slipping and slipping away.  And with that dream, everything he once stood for and sacrificed in this process slip away with it.  

    I don't really hate Sarah Palin either.  Her philosophy is um... otherworldly, to put it mildly, but she's so self-evidently... hmmm... not special (?) that she doesn't inspire the kind of grandeur I hear associated with some comments I've heard about her (ie "the devil" or "the Apocalypse herself").  She'll be back in Alaska in a few weeks.

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    Thank you.  I think the more tenacious we are with our arguments here when having intraparty disputes, the more fierce we are all combined when pitted against the GOP.

    And yes, what you say hits close to home.  I think losing this election would shock me into hopelessness much as 2004 did.  I really thought we were going to win then.  

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    "I never intended harm, and I always meant the best, but if I offended or hurt, I am sorry."

    No prob.  And I am sorry as well if I have done the same.  

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    Thanks, I still hate you.


    I'm only kidding.  Glad we are united again in goals.  

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    Me too.  I always thought that's why she wasn't considered as VP.  I never voiced that since at the time I was criticizing Obama harshly, but I always thought there may have been a cleverness behind the strategy.  

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    Rezko isn't important.  I don't know why anyone in the McCain camp thinks people are going to vote based on Rezko.  Financial scandals are just seen as part and parcel of political life.  People expect that; it's not a surprise.  Likewise, I don't think anyone outside of Illinois cares about Daley's brother or Blagojevich.  Epic fail.  

  • This isn't about Hillary Clinton now though.  It hasn't been for a while.  It's about distrust of the party and the candidate that has hardened over the past 4 months.  Barack Obama deserves to lose, and egg needs smearing on the faces of his complicit cronies in the party & the media.  But the price to pay shouldn't be financed by innocent people who would suffer more under a GOP administration.  I may yet vote Obama, but I can't like him.  I hate frauds.  I can't volunteer for him because I would do more harm than good.  I'm very candid and people would know I was lying to them and to myself if I tried to talk up the candidate, like a really bad used car salesman.  

    I'm also really annoyed because while the gains for symbolic racial equality would be nice w. Obama elected, the damage an Obama loss would do seems to have been nonchalantly blocked from serious consideration.  I think the potential bad from a loss outweighs the potential good from a win.  

    While I admire Hillary Cliton, it should be obvious to anyone reading the few things I post here that the choice has nothing to do with her anymore.  

  • Thank you.  

  • I know what side of the issues I'm on.  The debate for me is personnel v. policy and short term v. long term.  

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    The same focus groups that launched Kerry to victory in 2004, I'm sure.

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    Can someone please try to convince me to vote Democratic?  I don't like the GOP; I really just hate the Dem leadership and idiots who gave us a much harder election than we should have had.  

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    This is a preach to the choir ad.  It's hard to imagine it moving anyone who isn't already firmly in Obama's camp.  

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    I was worried in 2004 that Wisconsin would vote for Bush.  I was somewhat surprised (and glad of course) that it didn't.  

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    I agree with most of what you write but I don't see Missouri being close.  I see it as being redder than Ohio, possibly as red as Florida.  It seems the Obama campaign has (privately) thrown in the towel there as well.  


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