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    Certainly that was not my intent.  Or was it?  

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    In refutation of that Palin rally woman possibly using the 'N' word at the campaign stop, we will take all of the 'N' states.

    North Dakota
    North Carolina
    Nebraska (1 EV from the congressional district).
    New York
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New Hampshire

    The letters 'M' and 'N' are tied for having the most states sharing that beginning letter at eight apiece.  We won't win all of the 'M's, mostly thanks to Mississippi, but there's a good shot we will get all of the 'N's.  

  • Gotcha.  :-)  Thanks for explaining.

  • The "n" word is flying around like crazy these days.  Although it's surprising to hear certain otherwise seemingly civilized people tossing it around so carelessly, what is not surprising is that it's coming from people who would never vote for a Democrat of any race anyway, so we haven't lost much numerically.

    The term "sludge" wing of the GOP party is really quite apt.  

    I did hear one quote from an avowed racist that got me thinking.  He said,

    "I'm gonna vote for Obama.  I might be racist, but I'm not stupid."  

    That's the beginning of change.  These are lessons (most of us) here learned long ago, but some people lag behind us.  It's best that they change slowly rather than never changing at all and dying as lifelong bigots.  

    So let McCain run his silly Wright ads and let Sarah Palin tacitly approve racist language at her rallies.  At this stage, with so many people focused on REAL issues, the sludge wing of the GOP doesn't even have a monopoly on the racist vote.  You know things are dire for the GOP when avowed racists are voting for the Black Democrat.  And eventually for people who are racist out of ignorance and lack of education, barriers slowly begin to break and they lose much of their prejudice.

    For those who are racist out of conscious and knowing hate like this Palin rally woman, well, they are quite a lost cause.  But they're becoming increasingly irrelevant.  

  • Is the site's owner not voting for Obama?  I have been only here a little bit since the end of the primaries.  

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    I have a question.  Why has the Democrat been dipping in polls over the weekend this year?  In 2004, it was the precise opposite.  Kerry gained on weekends while Bush lost a few points.  I used to argue that the weekend polls then must have been more accurate, since I was so thoroughly convinced Kerry would win and that the youth vote was undercounted due to limited LAN line access.  

    I am surprised that the trend of the Democrat performing better on weekends is inverted this year.  But the bright spot is that if, as in 2004, the weekday polling is more accurate, we should win.  

  • On the bright side, it will be all the more embarrassing for her when Iowa is called for Obama the moment the polls there close.  

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    Fortunately, I am cautiously optimistic about our chances this election and look forward to The Sarah Palin show going off the air in 10 days.  She killed McCain's ticket.  I guess in a roundabout way, she helped us.  :-)

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    Well, it helps to know that so many people are immune to recognizing deliberately placed subtexts in language and communication.  I will keep this in mind the next time I get a little too cute with my own implications and later back away, claiming that any perceived insinuations were just figments of the listeners' imaginations.  

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    I have no idea what it means.  My first thought was that it was some sort of gun-control statement.   Disgusting, but probably the best antidote is to keep it out of the news and limit and intended sensationalism.

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    The only thing I can think of offhand I caught here was an ad that (IIRC) used the word welfare, had something to do with the Joe the Plumber thing, and used the language "WHAT YOU ALWAYS SUSPECTED" about Obama.  I thought it was a ploy of this type.  Maybe this is the kind of advertising in PA you were referencing above.  It seems to synch.  

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    This is good news but should be taken with some caution.  If I recall correctly, Kerry won early voting in North Carolina by significant margins but then election day left him out in the cold.  Optimism is good and I hope the numbers sustain for the Dems.  But I can't let myself have a repeat of election evening 2004.  I left my place around 7:45 and Virginia was too close to call.  I was all happy.  By the time I got to my destination to have dinner and watch the election, Virginia was super red and instead New friggin Jersey was too close to call.  :-(  

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    If you want.  What is it your trying to argue here?  That Barack Obama has never used language or visual signals to communicate a less than immaculate idea or implication to a presumably receptive audience?  

    All that illustrates is that he can do no wrong in your eyes.  You are entitled to your opinion, so it seems there's nothing left to discuss.  

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    Totally distinct.  "Periodically" was a public way of saying something cute without saying it directly.  "Cling" was a presumed private speech where Obama was speaking his mind without censor.  

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    Yes, Obama is not a stranger to the many ways language can be harnessed to communicate something without actually saying it.  I don't think he is oblivious to subtexts and implications, and yes, I do believe from time to time he gets "cute" with his speeches.  (Jay-Z wipe, "periodically," claws come out, lipstick on a pig, etc.) It happens from time to time with people who... periodically... lapse into overconfidence mode.  

    From what I can tell, we're all voting for Obama here, but denying every natural human flaw and mistake he has made borders on hero worship.  


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