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    Thank you, Ida.  

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    Thank you for sharing.

    A few bad anecdotal experiences does not make an evil race.  I'm sorry, but it doesn't.

    Call me a Clintonista-turned-Obamaniac but I see a lot of hope for strong relations between the gay and AA communities.  Aside from some church figures, AA politicians have been extremely gay friendly (even Barney Frank has said so).  If prominent black leaders would engage their communities and speak out against homophobia, we will see a change take place.  Appeal to the good.  Waging a gay v. black war is um... definitely not going to advance civil rights for anybody.  

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    I think you're oversimplifying and not looking at the factors behind a vote like that.

    It means we have work to do in the AA community.  Blacks and gays are not oil and water.  We have the basis for a very symbiotic political relationship, and frankly, these anecdotes above about a few black homophobes don't sway me.  My experience with Black Americans has been positive overall, as a young out gay while man.  Sure, there's homophobia, but I don't find it to be the maniacal irrational sludge that comes from Evangelicals and downscale whites.  

    This is the kind of gap we can bridge.  It's not a bridge to nowhere, like trying to get along with the homosexuality-obsessed Westboro Baptist church.

    I'm saying we need to appeal to the good in people, and Black people have a lot of good in them.  Evangelicals?  Eh, not so much.  

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    Don't read too much into it.

    We can't forget this has always been an uphill climb, and a marginal setback is a vast improvement from a major setback, as we'd have had 8 years ago.  Even what looks to be awful numbers in Florida are a big improvement from similarly situated states just 4 to 6 years ago, where these things were regularly passing with 75%, 80% and even more disgusting percentages of the vote.

    Civil unions are mainstream and have great support.  Marriage was always the biggest one, and we're actually getting there.  In the 1990's, this was unforeseeable.  Now we have shattered tons of barriers both for us, for women, for people of color, and have just installed a president who will set the judiciary for progress for decades.  Keep the faith.  

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    Tell me then, why did it happen?

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    In a long term trajectory, this is a victory for us.  

    8 Years ago, California passed Prop 22, which did the same thing but at the non-constitutional level (a difference without a distinction for most voters).  

    Prop 22 pastted 61.4 to 38.6

    In 2008, even with the "real threat" of gay marriage, Prop 8 barely passed.  52% to 48%.  And this was with an admittedly disorganized campaign on our side v. the well funded well organized fundies on the right.

    23 point spread down to a 4 point spread in 8 years, with only an anemic effort on our side and the most progressive segment (activists) in the state not in California, but rather helping GOTV and phone bank, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada.

    While the sting is fresh and an outright win would be great, the trajectory is incredibly on our side.  Think of it as a blood red state now on the verge of turning blue.  In 4 years, maybe 2, we'll get there.  

    This shit (pardon my Turkish) will probably end up back on the ballot in 2010.  You bet it will have high profile support on our side and a much SMARTER campaign.

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    Flames for the flamer?  :-D  Go ahead, kindle.

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    It was fairly obvious from the numbers in all counties.  You can't run five points behind George Bush 2004 and carry Oregon.  Frankly, I'm a bit miffed that the media couldn't find even the most rudimentary statistician to figure this one out.

    This race should have been called last night.

  • In 2000, approx. 240,000 votes were cast in Alaska's presidential election.

    Given the state's population has grown and it has a direct investment in this historic election, Palin being their governor, it's impossible to believe turnout has dipped so drastically.

    What... was it that cold out?  ;-)

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    She would never embrace the idea of a state ripping apart already existing marriages by simple majority vote.  

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    Good point.  Great chance the Chambliss numbers dip below 50%.  

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    It's wrong.  The amount of votes cast in the Oregon Senate race in Multnomah County is 124,000 and mislabeled "100%."  Compare it to the presidential race where 130,000 votes were cast and it's "32%" in.  

    There a discussion about the Multnomah County discrepancy on Big Orange (tonight is the first night I read the site since before the primary ended).  

    Multnomah's Senate race is only about 32% in.  The fact that this race hasn't been called for Merkley is a mathematical crime.  

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    I understand the frustration definitely.

    I think Prop 8 will pass.  There are few outstanding vote troves for us and we're down 300,000.  Unless City of Los Angeles is somehow not reported... I don't think it looks good.  

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    ANYBODY should = ANYTHING.


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    Still I can't call that one.  A lot of times the Los Angeles vote takes a dramatic swing towards the Dems and liberal causes late in the night.  Clearly the urban precints came in last.  Arnold had a few propositions in 2005 that were running well ahead of Prop 8 at this point, only to lose as LA City came back.

    Fingers crossed.  


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