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    I haven't visited in a while but dropped by tonight.  I know nothing about this issue but I'm a little surprised someone is calling another contributor a "slut" and getting away with it.  I guess trolling has an addictive element to it, as a tolerance level, where the transgressor needs to become more and more shocking and extreme to get the same "fix."  These people cannot be corrected with reason or facts and would likely be morbidly embarrassed if their friends/family/co-workers knew of their online activities.  Even pointing out their true nature gives them a fix of attention.  

    I'm confident these are things we all know but felt inspired to echo them for truth.  Hope all's well!

  • TY!

    "Never red, that gosh-darn Pennsylvania."  

    "Gee whiz, and we thought there were so many hidden racists there!!?"

    Hell no.    

  • I can only surmise this relates to that diary about the world being a better place if someone else was the president elect.

    At this point, diaries like that are moot, sad, and delusional.  Because they are so self-evidently impotent, they need not disturb you so deeply.  

  • Echoed for truth!

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    I like Obama.  I think having the anti-gay pastor at the Inauguration was a miscalculation but am hopeful that in the future, pandering will be directed towards the people who voted for him, not the people would never vote for him!  (DOH)


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    She is far more delusional than I ever believed.

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    Prop 8 passed with 21% less of a margin than the same issue passed (Prop 20) only 8 years ago.

    Enormous swing in public opinion.  It's amazing how easy it has been to decontextualize Prop 8 from the history of marriage equality.  While still a (very narrow) loss, it represents a huge change in less than a decade.  

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    Obama isn't going to win the far right hate crowd.  See the election results from Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the inland south for instance.  It's not a demographic he needs.

    Also, I don't know where you're getting this bizarre figure that only 20% of the country supports gay marriage.  Further, there's a big difference between ordinary citizens who have an opposition to gay marriage and pastors who are leading the charge against a large segment of the nation's population (LGBT Americans).  

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    It's not because the HRC dislikes Black Americans; rather it's to show "tolerance" and "inclusiveness" for a diverse spectrum of viewpoints.

    On a more serious note, sometimes the old adage about being unable to please everybody is highly apposite.  It's great that Obama wants to show that he is everybody's president, but when you have a demographic that will not enjoy your presidential status no matter how many bones & scraps you throw at them, it's time to divert those bones & scraps to people who actually do support you.  

  • Well, there is that ray of hope, in the slight chance that the woman may be a man impersonating one.  

  • You're waaaaaaaay too obsessed with gays & lesbians.  It's coming from somewhere inside you.  You know what I'm talking about.  If you paid attention to real straight men, you'd notice they don't obsess over gays and lesbians the way you do.  

  • This healthy attitude is exactly what I see in real straight men.  All of that whining about gays tends to come from men who are much less secure in their identity.  

  • Agreed on the spending aspect of the shopping spree, but I think it was no accident that it made her look frivolous in a way that mirrored certain female stereotypes.  "All she wants to do is go shopping!"  etc.

  • I agree with you on Palin.  I detest her political philosophy, but the shopping spree meme was calculated to trivialize her as a profligate flaky woman, ditto for Caribou Barbie, lipstick on a Pig, and the "she came out wearing nothing but a bath towel" sensations.  

  • Salutations from Wilkes-Barre, PA.  


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